Pros and Cons of having a bathtub vis-a-vis shower enclosure

Bathroom Interiors Dated:  Jan. 4, 2014
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The bathtub or the shower enclosure-Deciding between the two always results in a debate. Well, unless the choice is fully biased, it is not very easy to figure out what would work best. Sometimes, you cannot completely ignore the other option. Though the choice greatly depends on the requirement, it's still difficult to predict whether you would not be needing the other one in near future. Well, there are a bunch of enthusiasts who would prefer basking in the Jacuzzi during winters and would long for a cool shower in the summers.

However, if the bathroom is spatially challenged, the idea of bathtub is ruled out in most of the cases. Shower enclosure, on the other hand works well for all types of settings.

Well, you must be in a dilemma right now and hence, instead of wasting some more time on universal facts, let us dig down the matter and figure out what works well for your bathroom. But before coming to the bottom line, you should go through the pros and cons of both.

Bathtub-The upsides

Well, you may call it a lazy homeowners den, but the bathtubs have the benefits of their own. Here are the benefits-

Relaxes your soul : Who doesn't love to soak in a warm bath? It relaxes the mind and relieves the day's stress. Moreover, the effect tends to double the hot water is mixed with aromatherapy salts.

Heals muscle pain/body aches: Lying down in the tub full of warm water for an hour or more greatly soothes your muscle pain and body aches. Doctors recommend this to those suffering from arthritis and muscle

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Helps in blood circulation : Warm bath brings several benefits to your body health. It eases the constricted blood vessels and thus helps in blood circulation. And,this, apparently, is not possible standing under a shower.

The downsides

Takes a lot of space: If you have a small bathroom, despite your wish, you cannot install a bathtub in your space. Even if you do, this will result in a commotion.

Not very effective as showers: Basking in tubs might bring in some spiritual benefits but as far as physical benefits are concerned, you cannot rinse your body effectively in a tub.

Relatively costly: Moreover, installing a bathtub is not an easy task unless you are ready to toss enough money.

The Shower Enclosure

Those who are fond of bathtubs would be surprised to know that a relatively flexible bathing option is available. Here check out the benefits of a shower enclosure .

The advantages

Takes less space: Spatial constraint is the first thing that turns the table. Those with small bathrooms

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apparently prefer a shower enclosure over a bathtub that does nothing but jams the space.

Cheaper: Shower enclosures can be fixed anywhere. It is not always a pricey affair. You can easily have a shower enclosure built under your budget.

Fast and flexible: The best part about having a shower enclosure is that you can get in an out of shower in about 1/5th of the time you would spend in the bathtub.

Functional : Taking a shower bath means you are actually cleansing and rinsing the soap and the dirt off your body. Hence, your actual bathing purpose is served.

The downside

No relaxation : While you are in a shower, all you can do is just the usual bath. You can't relax your body as you can do in a bathtub.

Worst in winters: Showers are a big turn off in winters despite the hot water gushing down the shower head. You cannot soak yourself completely as you can do in the bathtubs.

Well, now your doubts might have vanished and depending upon your liking and bathing requirements, you would have made up your mind to select one of these. However, it is always better to have the best of the both worlds if your space allows. You can have a mini Jacuzzi as well as a shower enclosure in your bathroom and put an end to this never ending debatable issue.

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