Pros and Cons of an Open Kitchen

Kitchen Design & Decor Dated:  Jan. 4, 2014
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An open Kitchen

Since whole world out there seems to be suffering from 'lack-of-space' issues, modern interior design has been contemplating on tailoring their needs and making way for their sustenance. Designers envisage day and night on how to make living better. They keep on exploring new dimensions and hitting across new ideas all the time. The idea of open kitchen, a revolutionized concept, back in the past has been accepted as one the most feasible space maximizing idea of all time. 

However, when it comes to the ultimate choice, it hugely depends on what works with the home setting. Though a whole lot of people might be a fan of open kitchen owing to its functionality, there are many who take dim view of the layout. And they are not wrong- it depends on home design, preference and of course adaptability issues. 

Well, if you are looking forward to a home renovation in upcoming months, this article would help you decide what works out for your home setting. Go through the pros and cons of open kitchen enlisted below. 

The Benefits

Here are the plus points. 

Space Saving : If your are living in a 250 sq feet apartment, what's the point in having a separate kitchen if your cooking fantasies can be realized just across a niche of your living room? All it takes is a little space .

Enables multitasking: Now, since you have an open kitchen, you can save time. You can watch your favorite show on the TV fixed on the distant wall across the room while preparing a dinner. Also at the same time, set tables for the dinner and check on your washing machine.

Fits the current lifestyle : The thought of open kitchen was materialized keeping in mind the current lifestyle. Families rarely catch up with each other on the table. With open kitchen , you can have a talk with one or members while cooking.

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Entertain your guests while cooking: Entertaining the guests become quite impossible in homes with closed kitchen. Preparing them snacks is as much important as attending them. This is only possible when you have open kitchens.

Cook and eat simultaneously: Open kitchens feature countertops that serve as dining tables that allows you to cook, serve and eat at the same time.

Open, spacious layout: Last, but not the least, open kitchen is a part of the living room. Hence, instead of cooking alone in a compact room, you can cook food in the open. This does not depresses your soul.

The downside 

Well, for those who want to work behind the scene, open kitchen is really not a preferable choice. Here are the most common problems that are inevitable. 

The inevitable smell : Though the smell of the delicious food seems good, what about the smell that comes from the dishes/pots from last night? It tends to circulate all over the house. 

Excessive heat and commotion: If you don't have a proper chimney installed or a ventilated interiors, the complete living room might be engulfed by the heat and smoke. 

Gives a

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look : Even if you have enough shelves, the kitchen never seems to reflect a neat uncluttered look. This is only possible if you don't seem to cook at all. Despite all your efforts, a piece of your dinnerware or a kitchenware are found lying on the counter-top. 

Exposed to the guests: Lastly, open kitchen has no privacy. It is not really possible to cook something that you don't want to share with the guests. 

Now, once you are clear about the pros and cons of an open kitchen, decide the best option depending on your current requirements. However, you can have the best of the both worlds- Go for open kitchens which can be closed when required. You can do this by installing pocket doors/sliding doors between the kitchen and the living room. 

View some stunning open kitchen designs here.

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