Reinventing the oldies (transforming old pieces)

Decor Tips Dated:  Jan. 21, 2014
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Does your heart skip a beat each time you think of doing away with grandma's favorite chair? Do you find it difficult to part with your old desk on which you studied for years? I am dead sure that you have some or other such item or items lying about in your house, that you just cannot bring yourself to part with. Well, the good news is that you don't really have to. You see there are numerous ways in which you could re do these golden oldies. 

1.Re-pair, Re-store, Re-place

These are the most common methods that anyone can use to preserve their old and worn out furniture. If your wooden furniture is dented, all you need to do is place a moist piece of cloth or paper towel and iron it gently in a circular motion and the next thing you know the dent would have disappeared. Though, it would be best to try it out on a less precious piece. You will also have to bear in mind that the wood has to be without paint or thick varnish for this to work. There are many such tricks that you can use on your old furniture to restore it to its past glory. The cracks can be filled with wood fillers and putties. Stains can be removed and discolorations can be brought back to a new, if not original texture and shade. Handles, hinges, knobs and drawer pulls can be replaced and there are such beautiful pieces and varieties available in the market, today that just restoring these items alone can give a whole new look to your old pieces.

2.Re-holster, Re-fabric, Re-tuck, Re-Pin, Re-tuck

All of us have some old chairs and tables lying about the house or in the store room. Take them out and change the upholstery. If were not upholstered before; you can do it now. If you want to create a bold and jazzy look; go for deep orange, bright fuchsia, shiny golden or ruby reds in thick cotton silk or brocade. You can always mix and match the colors that go with the theme of the space where you plan to place these items. Now, take a good look at the piece in hand and decide if you wish to use some frills around it or wish to skirt a thick curtain cloth to hide those troublesome areas. You could also use those fancy pins and buttons to hold the fabric together. Another way would be to use some fabric covered buttons or pins to hold together the foam in the upholstery and give it a dramatic look. A creative and clever choice of fabrics and colors can bring an entirely new life to your old pieces. 


This is the easiest and the most common approach to renewing old and worn out furniture items. All you will have to do is to peel off and sand-paper the old paint or varnish. Once you have smoothed the surface; decide on the new shades, looks and designs you wish to create on your old piece and turn it into a brand new item.

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