15 Awesome Restaurant Interior designs for Inspiration

Interior Design Ideas & Tips Dated:  Jan. 8, 2016
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Restaurant Interior Design Ideas by Interior Firm Studio Interiors Infra Height Pvt Ltd

Owning a restaurant with a team of efficient chefs can be your cherished dream. While it's a tough task to find talented and experienced chefs, we can help you out to get inspired with some of the trendiest restaurant designs.

Visual Connection between Seating Area and OutdoorVisual Connection between Seating Area and Outdoor Designed by Architecture Firm Architecture Continuous

The already expansive interiors of the restaurant is made to look larger by the use of sleek fibre seats. The use of red and green turns the place into a jovial scene. The interiors are well connected with the outdoors with walls made of glass.

Restaurant Interior Design IdeasRestaurant Interior Designed by Interior Designer Pragnesh Parikh

View of an authentic south Indian restaurant in Gujarat.
White and red combination of the table brings out a calm and soothing ambience when coupled with warm, not-so-bright  lighting. Black frames on creamy walls attracts the visitors.

Restaurant Design with Wooden FlooringRestaurant with Wooden Flooring Designed by Architect Rakesh Pate

The restaurant gets a classy retro look with wooden floorings and furniture. Even with a lot of other elements on the floor like the open shelves, coffee station and the sofas, the room doesn't give a congested look.

Restaurant interior design ideasRestaurant interior design ideas
Image source: https://www.furnisdesign.com/wp-content/uploads/antique-interior-design-restaurant-ideas-hd-desktop-backgrounds.jpga

A visit to a place like this can make your day. Seems like nature has been the sole inspiration for the  designer as each element on the floor bears a tinge of nature on it-  whether it's the elegant wooden chair with woven covers, wooden shelves for the showcase or the wooden floorings. The exterior seating arrangement too appears to be provide a soothing atmosphere with fresh green surrounding the seats.

Food court from the frontFood court from the front Designed by Architecture Firm Square Consultancy Services

The restaurant above exhibits the true picture of our country- vibrance and diversity. The minimalistically done floor with white fibre chairs becomes attractive with  a contrasting colourful walls. A rich collection of both local and international faces in vibrant colours done on the panel can attract a visitor from far.

Restaurant DesignRestaurant Design
Image source: https://www.furnilook.net/wp-content/uploads/awesome-restaurant-design.jpg

The restaurant is an inspiration for those who want to give the customers the joy of community eating. The tables arranged in a close fashion gives a sense of closeness. To add to such joy is the use of celestial lighting over the tables. The background is done in yet another unconventional way by adorning the wall with thick green foliage. Rest of the walls and the ceiling with unclad, non-aligned stones gives a vintage look.

Restaurant Interior Design InspirationRestaurant Interior Design Inspiration
Picture Taken At: Nawab Asia Restaurant
photo credit: Pomelo Social

The restaurant brims with positivity with wide open space unlike the closed model restaurants lit with artificial lights. The lights used here is more of aesthetic value. The furniture used give a retro look with pillar like table legs and chairs made in stool like fashion. The use of wood for the ceiling is a tribute to the ancient architectural concepts.

Restaurant Interior Design IdeasRestaurant Interior Designed by Architect Rushikesh Marmarde

This is a restaurant which deserves to be called ' an architectural marvel'. 
With minimal colour palette, the interior looks heavenly. With the use of white for almost every element on the floor, the ambience created is ethereal. With huge windows, tiny bulbs dotting the space above and the playful scene of circular rings surrounding the seats, the guests are going to cherish the dining  experience for a lifetime.

Restaurant InspirationRestaurant Inspiration by Interior Designer Kushagra Kothari

Its amazing when you get a special treatment. The arrangement shown above is to treat you just like  that. Apart from the usual seats, the edges of the floor is lined with dining table created in a dome like structure. To give a perfect finish, a lustrous pendant light hangs at the centre of each table resembling the peak of a tomb.

Lanterns in RestaurantLanterns in Restaurant
Image source: https://cf.ltkcdn.net/interiordesign/images/std/184884-250x355-Lanterns-in-Restaurant.jpg

A restaurant design like this is vanishing from our places. The woody interiors and warm lightings make such places a preferred destination for ceremonial family dining. The hanging lanterns only make the experience richer.

Traditional Restaurant FurnitureTraditional Restaurant Design
More about Virasat Heritage Restaurant Interiors, Jaipur

You will be counted among the luckiest people on earth if you get to dine in a palatial restaurant like this. Royalty knows no bound in this kingly dining place with plush upholstered diwan seats, lustrous dining table and the walls exhibiting antiquity at its best.

Restaurant Interior Design With Pink ColorRestaurant Interior Design With Pink Color
Image source: https://www.busydoor.co/images/2013/11/Cool-Unique-Restaurant-Interior-Design-With-Pink-Color.jpg

A restaurant flaunting a rare colour combination - Lovely pink and bold grey enriched by snow white. To make the most of the space, grey and white banquet seats are arranged on one side, white transparent fibre glass seats save the floor from a congested look with dark colours. Since the seats are low backs, there is huge space above, which is cleverly used to create a 3D illusions with hanging fibre glass boards.

Restaurant Design IdeaRestaurant Design Idea
Image source: https://www.kolamrestaurant.com/pics/KolamDinnerRoom16.jpg

A humble Indian restaurant in Newtown, United States.
The seating arrangement is kept simple. It is the surrounding designs and patterns that steal the show. The counters and pillars are draped in gorgeous pattern done in black and golden. The huge empty space at the counters is filled with pretty hangings. The floors too are adorned  with  traditional Indian patterned floor carpets.

With such simple and innovative ideas, this can be a sure shot inspiration for a budget friendly interior designing.

Luxury restaurant Design ideasLuxury restaurant Design ideas
Image source: https://decoritem.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Modern-Luxury-and-Residential-Interior-fast-food-restaurant-Design-ideas-13.jpg

Pure magic by black and white !

A minimalist restaurant design with maximum utility. The floor is well arranged with sleek chairs and coffee tables, making it a favourite place for busy office goers to have a quick bite or to relax after the hectic office hours.

Restaurant Interior Design TipsRestaurant Interior Design Tips
Image source: https://www.furnidraft.com/wp-content/uploads/stunning-ultramodern-and-residential-interior-fast-food-restaurant-design-ideas.jpg

An ultra modern restaurant that finds hard to let go the vintage look (look at the lantern styled lights !). The unclad walls too add to the rawness while the dining tables, in popular contemporary shades, make it modern.

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