Cool Cash Desk Design Ideas for Retail Shops

Shop & Restaurant Interiors Dated:  April 12, 2016
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Modern Cash Counter Design

The first thing your customers get to see on entering your shop is the cash desk. As the first impression is often the best impression, you cannot afford to take the task of designing the cash desk easy. It should represent the ideology of the shop and its service while keeping it stylish. To help you out with this critical job of choosing the right design, we present some of the trendiest and most functional desk designs that will guide you to choose (or customise) the right designs.

Retail Cash Desk DesignRetail Cash Desk Design
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The cash counter is simple, sleek and stylish. Striking a clear contrast to the unfinished floor, the white payment desk gives a clean, sophisticated look. The computers get a sunken seat which allows the customers to have a face to face contact with the staff at the counter. The counter and the shelves behind, done in pure white give an airy look to the area.

Modern Cash Counter DesignModern Cash Counter Design by Steve Wallin
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If you think only a glossy or matte finished cask desk can speak good of your store, you will be happy to be proved wrong. The interiors of a store should be designed, keeping in mind the type of product you are dealing in. So should be the payment desk.
The payment desk above is a perfect example.  Made with steel, barn board and reclaimed hemlock, the desk gives a bold and striking look. The desk is divided into two sections which separates the reception from the cash counter.

A blend of modern and rustic designA blend of modern and rustic design
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For a jewellery or cosmetic shop that has endless products to display can go for a billing desk like this. The cabinet is done in black patina and wood with glass panels to showcase some of the hot selling accessories. To give the space a gist of what to expect from the store, the backdrop of the desk is wood panelled flaunted some of the collections.

A wacky design for cash counterA wacky design for cash counter
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A wacky design for cash counter done in cubes. The desk is an ideal example for a shop which wants the customer to have an easy and happy shopping experience. Different cubes are affixed together, each one of which can be used to serve a different purpose.

A simple, classic cash counter of a textile storeA simple, classic cash counter of a textile store by Quadrantz Consultants

The design is kept simple and has focused only on the utility. To maintain the same colour palette used for the rest of the area  and at the same time, distinguish it from the sales counter, the backdrop is highlighted with a similar coloured wallpaper.

Cash Counter Design For ShopCash Counter Design For Shop
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No matter how vast and sumptuous the bakery's interior looks, the billing counter should always go for a fridge below it to display some of your signature bakes. This will  not only tempt the customers to try out those new arrivals but also give an inviting look at the very entrance. Alternatively or additionally, these counters can have some wrapping/gifting options displayed beneath it.

Remember, cash desks/payment desks are as  important an element for the shop's interior as are the other fixtures and furniture. Make sure you choose the design and layout that stands for the products you have to offer.

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