Retro Interior Design Style - Ideas and Tips

Ethnic Decor Dated:  Aug. 25, 2015
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Retro Living Room Design, Image Source:

Redefine your home this season with retro interiors and bring the era back

The term “retro interiors” reflects the Indian décor from 1960s and early 1970s. The interiors of that decade have returned and are adding to the latest trends. Bright colors are back again and rooms can be decorated with colorful wallpapers, carpets, sofas, chair seats and cushions, often with patterns or bright flowers. It brings a lively feel and an opportunity to explore and experiment on creativity, while posing numerous challenges due to obvious structural and functional restrictions. There is so much to choose from past styles, that what you consider to include will ultimately be your own interpretation of the past. But the question is how can you bring in the retro style at your place and give it an energizing look. Have a look at these ideas:-

Retro Walls- Go for some funky and loud patterns with unique colors which will make your walls visually appealing. Use retro vintage wallpapers with evergreen designs or vinyl wall covering which consists of different layers and the top layer is of plastic which makes it water resistant and easy to clean. Choose vibrant colors like red, purple, yellow, orange and pink to give an eye popping accent.

Retro wall decor idea
Retro wall decor idea
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Retro Furniture- Retro trends in furniture offer a wide range in colors, patterns, materials with a cultural appeal to counterbalance your expensive windows and views. Metal or heavy gauge steel furniture in pastel hues with vibrant color palettes can be a good choice or your sofas can be broad ones with tie-dyed fabrics, checkered patterns, elaborate paisley prints. You can choose shiny chrome barstools with some bright color plastic stools or chairs for your side tables. Go for a wooden dining, that will give a natural touch with a lavishing look.

Retro Furniture Living Room IdeasRetro Furniture Living Room Idea
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Retro Flooring- Go for a wooden texture on your floor but with a modern touch by using beautiful and durable retro-style vinyl flooring tiles which are latest in fashion. Or make it colorful with contrasting colors in checkerboard pattern on the tiles. After you make a choice for floor, compliment it with some traditional rugs or shag carpets.

Retro FlooringRetro Flooring Design Idea
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Retro Accessories- Retrofire your home with accessories of 1960s and 70s. Get retro wall clocks and futuristic frames for walls. Use lava lamps, pendant lights or retro metal arc floor lamp with the big lampshade as lighting was an integral part of retro furniture décor and are perfect for a loft space. Go for high up wall shelves in puzzle piece designs for keeping sculptures, books or figurines. Add colorful cushions and covers to your furniture with traditional designs to bring a perfect retro look.

Retro Accessories for Living Room Interior DesignRetro Accessories for Living Room Interior Design
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