RIO OLYMPICS: Sustainable Fanbox Competition Winners

Events Diary Dated:  Nov. 22, 2016
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Rio Olympics 2016

Here are the winners and honorable mentions, along with a comprehensive list of the top 25 proposals shortlisted by the jury for ‘RIO OLYMPICS SUSTAINABLE FANBOX’ competition. The competition received 173 registrations from around the world from students and architects. The competition demanded a stimulating and exciting approach towards the design of a temporary and sustainable fan pavilion on the Copacabana Beach for serving the spectators during Olympic Games 2016.  The proposals displayed innovation and showed creativity and extraordinary approaches in designing a sustainable fanbox.  


  • First prize: Gerônimo Dornelles (Brazil)
  • Second prize: Wong Ka Lok (Hong Kong)
  • Third prize: Adam Fernandez, Lizhen Xu (France)

Jury Panel:

  • Arthur Casas, Principal, Studio Arthur Casas, Sao Paulo-New York 
  • Flavia Quintanilha, Partner, Architectare, Rio de Janeiro
  • Adrian Welch, Chief Editor, e-architect, London

Jury Notes:


Gerônimo Dornelles (Brazil)

"The project stands out mainly by the interpretation of the theme, and the clarity and dexterity to present its proposal Take advantage of local characteristics and brings agile solutions in a sustainable way. An ephemeral solution that explores the theme of sustainability from the point of view of a natural and local material resources. It reaches a level of sensitivity as the interpretation of the proposal that stands out from the rest." - Arthur Casas

"This is so clean and neat that fits perfectly in Copacabana lifestyle and modernist landscape. So much so, it wouldn´t even need to be temporary. It could just stay anywhere." - Flavia Quintanilha

"This is an elegant solution, combining landscape and architecture in a clever way. There is a delicious contrast between the organic sandy mounds and the regular floating plane. The simple planes and columns complete the architectural ensemble. The presentation is excellent." - Adrian Welch

Second Prize:

Wong Ka Lok (Hong Kong)

"A good interpretation of the theme with a audacious solution structure, a good presentation and exposition of the proposal, but I felt a little lack of innovation and harmony with the surrounding architecture, but nothing that decrease the quality of the work presented." - Arthur Casas 

"What a wonderful Mar Largo 3d reinterpretation! Also, very precise in all the uses and spaces." - Flavia Quintanilha

"The curvaceous building rises up from the beach like a Oscar Niemeyer or Frei Otto building. The design feels at one with the sandy landscape, echoing dunes and waves. It doesn’t impose a foreign solution on the waterfront." - Adrian Welch

Third Prize:

Adam Fernandez, Lizhen Xu (France)

"Like the other works presented, the cloudy dune stands out for its understanding and interpretation of the theme aligned with an impeccable presentation. I felt a certain distance in the relation between the local culture and the environment, but the propose is very exciting and inventive." - Arthur Casas 

"This feels like Burning Man has come to Rio! An elegant structure inviting people to relax and have fun." - Flavia Quintanilha

"An organic enclosure, possibly too ephemeral to form sufficient enclosure – the dynamic design seems more about creating focus than protection from the elements. The light touch suggests the beach could quickly return to normal after the event." - Adrian Welch

Online Partner:  zingyhomes


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