Rohit Shukla's home mirrors his personality

The Story of My Home Dated:  Jan. 13, 2014
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At the outskirts of Gurgaon, somewhere on the Golf Course road that runs down the DLF Golf and Country Club, there stands a huge iron gate that opens into a wide road lined on one side with towering apartments dotting across the lush green fifteen acres of land. Driving down the road, one can catch a glimpse of alphabetically numbered apartments on either side. About 20-30 storeys tall, these towering apartments seem to hob nob with the sky. The road turns to the right, past the DLF Crest and then across a couple of buildings until one reaches the N block. A good number of watchmen looked after the building and the locality seemed safe which was evident from the way the watchmen prompted us to fill in the entry form.

IMG_7119.jpgThe Tower N

Rohit's flat was halfway through the 30 floor building, on the fourteenth floor. He opened the wooden door which seemed like the tallest I have ever seen in a modern setting like this; and greeted us with pleasure. Designed in the modern setting, the apartment was tailored by Rohit and his wife according to their own personal needs. All that this nuclear family of three had longed for was a cozy space perfect for hangouts and parties. And with this apartment, their dreams have seemed to come true.

Having changed five apartments in a row, Rohit was looking for a space that would fulfill their living needs and this 2750 sq feet apartment on the Golf Course Road seemed perfect. Friends staying close by, security, tranquility, easy accessibility to the most happening entertainment district in Delhi NCR, and a club with a fully equipped gym and sports facilities within the complex, sealed the deal for Rohit and his wife Geetu. With a few tweaks here and there, and a lot of sweat and passion of its owners, both Civil Engineers by education, the apartment was nicely done and ready to move in within five months.

IMG_7217.jpgRohit with his son Aashir

Rohit, the more creative of the two has significantly modified the apartment to meet the couple's partying requirements - The four bedroom apartment with one servant room has been modified to a three bedroom flat with a spacious lounge and a very happening bar.

The Entrance

The entry door opens into a wide passage with wall on one side and shelves on the other side. The wall features a Lord Ganesha wall accent don in artistically carved wood and the shelves are adorned with curios and figurines from different parts of the world, which according to Rohit were their keepsakes from the places they have traveled so far.

IMG_7193 copy.jpgThe Living Room

The passage opens up into a warm and inviting living room with a view. Featuring enormous glass windows, the room extends into a balcony with a breathtaking view.

IMG_7131.jpgThe Balcony

>Within the living room, beige leather couches, aligned in L-shape, stretch along the glass windows and the adjoining wall. As in most apartments, the living-dining area opens into a passage leading to the bedrooms. The couple wanted privacy for the rooms but didn't want something solid to block off the view completely either.

The passage

So they sat and designed this exquisite separator made in wood and painted in gold. Its stunning and pure eye candy. The journey from the design board to the installation was handled completely by Rohit's wife who in Rohit's words is a master implementor. The result is for all to see an intricately designed wooden frame with tiny lighting fixtures encased within, shimmering in the dark like a desert oasis.

IMG_7203.jpgThe Enigmatic Wooden Separator


There is a mini library in the nook on the one side of the frame and the wall opposite this wooden panel encases a sliding door that smoothly glides along one side to reveal the lounge, a sort of entertainment den in fact, which serves as a relaxing space for the whole family. The front wall has been beautifully adorned with red and beige wallpaper which strikes a pose with the red couch below it. TV, Playstation 3, a musical keyboard and more gadgetry make this a perfect spot for the whole family to spend their time.

IMG_7172.jpgThe entertainment Den

Incidentally, despite all the gadgets in the lounge, we saw no loose wires or bundles of charging cables. Turns out, Rohit, a Civil Engineer himself, had planned it out before moving in and went in for 'in-wall wiring' for a clutter free home!

The entertainment den, Rohit says, was carved out by felling the wall of what was a bedroom. The area was intelligently divided into three different spaces- one for the entertainment zone, the other for the bathroom, initially attached to the bedroom but now can be used by guests as it opens into the lobby and a small space in between was carved out and was lined with cabinets, thus providing for storage.

Living room view from the bar

Similarly, the servant's room was intelligently converted into a home bar by Rohit himself. The L-shaped wooden bar counter was magnificently donned with wine glasses arranged upside down on the beam. An enigmatic led lamp beamed in the background and highlighted the already glitzy floor.

7140 copy.jpgThe Bar

Rohit and his wife have a flair for 'red' color which has been beautifully weaved into the interiors and this was something that eventually seemed to steal the show everywhere. Few sprinkles of red here and there brought a feeling of warmth in the cozy apartment. The dining space lies along a mirrored wall, designed to create an illusion of space.

IMG_7196 copy.jpgThe Dining Space

The wall at right angles to this mirrored wall has been clad with designer wallpaper in neutral shades of brown with a tint of red and beige. A narrow space between the two walls leads to the spacious kitchen, perfect for a family that loves to have friends over every weekend!

The Kitchen

The master bedroom decor has been kept subtle; Apart from the bed with swanky leather headboard, there is a leather couch reclining against the wall with an array of family portraits. However, Rohit mentioned that the renovation process is still on and this time the bedrooms would be the first on the list.

IMG_7184.jpgThe Master Bedroom

After the master bedroom, we were gestured to his son Aashir's room which truly reflects this young teen's personality. A swanky blue bed was aligned to one wall and the opposite wall housed the study desk that matched the color of the bed. The room lighting was well taken care of. Rohit switched on a few lights and we could see the frenzied effects on the wall. Moreover, one striking feature about this bedroom was the enormous window with the best view in the house. The window opens up to reveal  most of the Park Place area, including all the neighboring apartments.

IMG_7180.jpgAashir's Bedroom

However, creating this abode wasn't easy for Rohit and Geetu. The couple had a tough time when the interior designer they hired did do her job, with the result they ended up doing most of the designing and even execution on their own. Having moved four apartments in the last seven years and after his not so pleasant experience with the designer he hired, Rohit has some pearls of wisdom for fellow home owners.

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  • Choose your interior designer well. Do the due diligence as much as you can. Fix responsibilities for each party to the contract and make a clear list of the required deliverables. Get the designer to agree to them before hiring them.
  • When dealing with contractors, never ever make full payment before the work is finished.
  • Always protect your expensive flooring with a cheap, temporary flooring above it until all the wood work, electrical or paint work is done.
  • Do all the wiring, ducting changes right at the beginning.
  • Go bargain hunting when it comes to buying home decor products. You will be amazed at what you can pick up for peanuts if you know the right places to shop at and if you happen to be plain lucky. 

For Rohit, a condominium in the lap of nature, away from the hustles of city life is nearly a home. What else is better than a place that promises warmth, comfort and luxury at the end of the day? And of all things, his cozy abode is a perfect partying place!

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Photo Credits: Riku Sharma

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