Sculptures for your Home-Pick Wisely

Decor Accents Dated:  Feb. 8, 2014
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Nothing pleases the eyes more than a well kept piece of art in our homes. Well-crafted sculpture has always added to the decors of our rooms. Definitely it talks a lot of the owner’s personality. So picking up the right piece of sculpture is essential for a perfect home. The piece of art that you pick up is an extension of your personality and who you are within. 

There are always parameters of selecting a piece of sculpture. The first is always the type of sculpture you would want to put in your home. It may be from clay to a bronze sculpture. Choose the one that suits you the best. And definitely keep a sharp eye on the size.  You have to suit the space that is available to you. Some sculpture come with life size structures, though they might be extremely pleasing to the eye, make sure you exactly have the same space to display it. And of course it goes without saying that it has to suit the decor of your room. It is advisable not to get something, no matter how pleasing it might look to you that looks completely out of place when fitted in.

There are a few things that one might want to consider while buying a piece of sculpture. No matter what interpretation the artist or the dealer might give you, remember every piece of art is a personal interpretation. Ask yourself, what are the memories that it evokes in you and what as a piece of art it stands for you and most importantly what is it value for you, it is your space and money that you are investing make sure you get something that pleases you. Because it is going to stay with you and you got to live it.

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The second most important aspect is to check if the piece of sculpture is well finished?  And also as a sculpture needs to stand on its own- is it well balanced? Don’t end up buying something that would need support. Is it well defined and also if the whole composition pleases your eyes. If you are buying a stone sculpture, you should remember that the stone used determines the kind of finish that a piece finally has. For example, serpentine stone can be highly polished, however basaltic soapstone does not have the same advantage. So, before buying it, a word with the artist or the dealer can save you from a lot of hassles later.

Last but not the least- keep a check on your budget. It is easy to get swayed away. You do not have to get caught in the mindset that the heavier the price, the better the work. There are many pieces that might not be costing you too much but are worth your collection. There are new artists who are fantastic; you just need to have a walk through their collections. If you are in India, don’t miss a visit to “Kala –Ghoda Colaba.” You might just strike gold.

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