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Product Guide Dated:  May 10, 2016
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Security Glass Solutions for Office

‘Home’ is just another name for ‘refuge’ (except that you are a lot happier in your home than in a refuge). With strong walls, beautiful and stylish windows, your home stands magnificently in the green lawns. But are you really safe at your home? With news of burglary, attacks and explosions heard across the streets, security cannot be taken lightly. The beautiful windows are, in most cases, the weak points of the building that let in these misfortunes. So, the only way out is to make them stronger and tougher. How? With sturdy security glasses.

Many of us interchangeably use the words ‘safety’ and ‘security’. While security encompasses safety, the other way round is not true, especially when it is about glasses (for buildings).

Safety glasses are those which are safer to handle and in case of breakage, do not cause serious injuries. Security glasses, on the other hand, should not only be safe to use but also secure the home from unwanted intruders and unfortunate happenings like explosions, quakes or attacks. However, the glasses prepared for one can well serve you both the purposes (in most of the cases).

Here are 3 basic types of security/ safety glasses:

Laminated glasses:

Laminated glass is made of two (or more) glass panes stuck together with a PVB (Polyvinyl Butyal) layer sandwiched between them. These glasses are glued to the plastic layer using heat and pressure which results in a strong chemical bonding between them. The glass so formed is strong enough to fail any attempts by the burglars to forcefully enter the house.  They are categorized depending upon the resistance they show towards varying level of pressure exerted on them. The toughest category can protect the building from bullets and blasts. The bullets are stopped from entering the interiors as they get embedded in the glass on its way.

Talking about the safety aspect, there is hardly any other form that can beat laminated glasses. As these are thicker and stronger than the usual floating or annealed glasses, breakage is not an issue to be bothered. If at all, in extreme cases, the glass breaks, the whole of glass remain attached to the PVB layer, protecting you from injuries as well as giving you ample time to replace.

These are also proved to reduce noise and heat transmission to certain extent.

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Toughened / Tempered glasses:

Toughened or tempered glasses are made so by processing in intense temperature of 700°c or more. These are then put under a blast of cold air to cool rapidly. This rapid cooling makes the outer surface to contract and solidify more rapidly than the inner surface, which gives them more tensile and mechanical strength.  This process makes the toughened glasses  4- 5 times stronger than the annealed ones of the same size and thickness. Toughening however does not change the basic properties of the glass such as the transmission capacity of heat and light.

These glasses once having undergone the toughening treatment cannot be altered, drilled or cut and hence need to be finalized on the shape and size before -hand.

Thermal shock resistance is another feature of toughened glasses that make them suitable for structures/ parts of structure that have to bear frequently changing temperature. Processed in extreme thermal conditions, toughened glasses have excellent thermal shock resistance (of around 250°c) which prevents them from breakage due to excessive heat (This simply means that these glasses can easily withstand a temperature difference of 250°).

When it comes to breakage (again, in extreme cases),  the glass shatters into tiny droplet- sized ‘dices’ with round edges unlike the floating ones that breaks into large splinters, hence reducing the chance of any serious injuries.

Laminated and toughened glasses are used in combination with IGU (Insulated Glass Unit) or double glazing windows that increase the strength and performance.

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Heat Strengthened glasses:

As the name suggests, these glasses are strengthened by heat, making it 2- 3 times stronger and more thermal resistant than the annealed ones. Although the heating process is similar to that of toughened glass, heat strengthened glasses are cooled in a relatively slow rate, making it inferior to toughened glass in terms of strength and thermal resistance. These are hence sometimes called semi- tempered glass.

Another drawback of heat strengthened glass is the safety. These, although superior to annealed glass in terms of strength, are similar to them when caused to break. The glass,when exerted pressure beyond its threshold tends to break in a similar fashion to that of the normal glass, in large pointed pieces that often leads to injuries.

Heat Strengthened glassesHeat Strengthened glasses
Image Source: www.legardien.coma

Now that you know about various types of security glasses, it is time you brought the right one home

Trust me, with security glasses, the burglars will have a tough time breaking in. And you,  be ready for a good night’s sleep. 

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