Seven Easy Home Cleaning Tips to Welcome Spring

Festive Decor Dated:  Jan. 23, 2014
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"The beautiful spring came; and when Nature resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also."

—Harriet Ann Jacobs

Spring symbolizes rekindling of hopes and fresh starts in our lives.  When nature and all its creatures are set to come out of hibernation and revive their souls with the onset of spring, why should your home be left behind? There couldn’t be a more perfect time than the springtime to dabble in the oodles of soft, pastel hues and textures to spread the bright cheer around your house. But before you instill a new lease of life into your decor, grab your cleaning supplies and make sure that every corner of your house looks spic and span.  To make spring cleaning easier for you, we bring your some simple tips to get your house neat and sparkling within no time.

Plan, Compartmentalize and Declutter 

Don’t get started with your duster straightaway. Your first errand should be to get organized and plan which of the rooms you want to take up the first and subsequently for cleaning.  Jot down your cleaning checklist on a paper.  Then compartmentalize all stuff lying around the house in their order of use and importance. Accordingly, retain what is must and dump or donate what is useless.  A decluttered house is a job half done!

Laundry and Dry Cleaning

Send away your winter woolies, curtains, duvets, mattresses, carpets and other removable fabrics for appropriate laundry or dry cleaning. For example, curtains and woolies can be cleaned in the regular washing machines at home but it’s recommended to use the services of professional dry cleaners for duvets and steam equipment providers for carpets and mattresses. 

Repairs, Touchups and Polishes

It would be a good idea to identify cracks on your furniture, walls, ceilings, windows or doors of rooms/kitchen/bathrooms that call for repair. Add of touch up paint or polishes, wherever required. 

Dry Dusting

The dry dusting will get you rid of dust mites and allergens. To do this, take a feather duster or even better, any old household rags and remove dust particles from furniture, mirrors, windows, doors and other corners of your home. You can use extendable brooms or dusters to clean ceilings, fans and lights. 

Vacuum Cleaning and Damp Moping

Vacuum cleaning and damp moping will trap the leftover dust and dirt from your house to give it a squeaky clean look.  For stubborn greases and splotches, the use of specialized cleaning solutions available in the market would work wonders.  

Electronic Equipments and Kitchen Appliances

Browse through the instruction manuals to clean the electronic appliances and kitchen appliances, so as to avoid any potential damage to their internal and external parts.

Review Your Cleaning Checklist

After all the hard work that has gone into cleaning, ask yourself if you are happy and satisfied. Take a thorough glance on your cleaning checklist and ensure that you have marked off every single item on it. 

That’s it! Congratulations, your house is now all ready to say hola to spring!  


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