Shweta Bhardwaj-Being House Proud

The Story of My Home Dated:  Feb. 12, 2014
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Shweta Bhardwaj has been a model and actress who has acted in Hindi and South Indian films galore. From being a Gladrags model to being a part of movies like Mission Istaanbul, Bin Bulaaye Baraati, Loot, Players and Rakht. This Delhi girl studied at Gargi college and but destiny had other plans in store for this lissome lass. We talk to this beauty about her home which is as stylish as the model cum actress herself.

Your favourite room in the house would be? 
My living room. It has soft couches, a rug on the floor and also I have candles & scents all over my house, but with more concentration in the living room. I have a lot of space in the living room, where I watch my TV, do meditation or just laze around. 

living roomLiving Room

Favourite corner in the house?
Usually people have a specific corner in one of the rooms as their favourite place, but my entire master bedroom is my favourite corner in my house. The master bedroom has a girly feel to it where the shades used are pink & peach. I have a walk in wardrobe in the master bedroom which is one of the unique things as well as I broke a part of the wall near the bathroom to make a small window which opens into the room & I can see the TV while having a long soothing bath in the bathtub. I also have a single sofa with a leg rest in the room too, which is again something that is usually not seen in Indian houses & is a very British thing to do and I love sitting there with my cup of coffee. I have used concealed lights in all my rooms. The bedroom has concealed lights where you can change the colors to yellow, red or blue.

master bedroomMaster Bedroom

Your favourite possession would be? 
My dressing stand in the room which has lights all around it, is a piece of furniture that is one of my favourite possessions as it is perfect when I am dressing up to go out. My bed is a soft & comfortable one with a very thick mattress like the ones that are there in hotel rooms. I can spend hours & hours sitting in my room, reading a book or watching my favourite film on my home theatre system and don’t really need to leave the room. Even my closest friends prefer to spend time sitting around in the bedroom than maybe the living room like it is usually the case in everyone else’s house.

dressing standDressing stand

How many rooms are in your house, since when are you staying here. Also why did you chose to stay here?
I have 3 rooms in my house, it is on the 17th floor in goregaon (west), Mumbai. I am staying here since the last 6 years now. It is close to all the prominent studios, productions houses & also has a great view as there are mangroves behind the building, so the view will never change.

 As one enters your house, what’s the best thing one can notice according to you?
The bar cabinet, which is like a small partition between the living room & dining area. I had got it specially designed that way & everyone who comes to my house notices it & definitely asks me from where I picked it up.

master bedroomMaster Bedroom

Describe your bedroom for our readers?
It is nice and airy. I have got a king size

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bed with cupboards on both the sides made of dark wood & have a shutter opening. The room also has my make-up area and & my walk-in shoe cabinet.

Any particular theme in your house, which you have followed while decorating it?
It’s mostly teakwood with lots of candles, flowers & scents around. The lighting is minimal as I love to have the light of candles more in my house.

The colours you have played with in the walls?
They are off-white in all the rooms as off-white is a colour which goes with any kind of furniture, show pieces, etc.

Describe your taste in furniture, paintings, decoratives and they are picked up from?
My furniture is minimalistic, thin framed & mostly in dark colours or teak wood. I have decoratives from everywhere place I travel to so there are no specific type of decoratives that one will find. The only constant decoratives in the house are my candles. I have picked up my furniture from various parts of the world & even done flee market shopping.

furniture designFurniture design

Describe the other rooms or decor in your house.
The guest room has a black & white theme to it,

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all the curtains, bed, bathroom door, linen are all in these shades. But I am planning to change this theme really soon. The 3rd room is my mandir-cum-dressing room. It is mostly empty with only few hanger trolleys and the mandir.

Describe your kitchen for our readers.
Kitchen is off-white in colour again. I have a lot of magnets in my kitchen which I love picking up from where ever I travel to. One side is the fridge & a simple platform next to it and the other side is the cooking area. The Kitchen has a drying area attached to it, where the clothes washing & drying is done.

Describe your washrooms, might be personal but if you can elaborate.
I haven’t really done anything special with my washrooms. One is a common washroom near the living room & 2 washrooms are attached to the main rooms. The bathrooms have pot pouri in large bowls kept, candles & the essentials are always stacked in the bathrooms.

Describe your drawing room at length.
The drawing room has 2 sofas where one sofa has a side table with lot curios kept on it. There is a throw-away rug on the floor with some cushions scattered on it. The other sofa has a small cabinet next to it where the landline phone, books, etc can be kept.
The bar cabinet is placed near the side table with curios & has glasses hanging hooks, wine area & a serving aread in it. The dining table is not a very large one. Is made of glass & wood & the chairs have matching linen to the sofas which is the off-white range. There is also the LCD TV in the drawing room with a open cabinet full of DVDs.
Your most cherished piece of painting or home decor item? Where did you pick it up from and why is it so special? 
The home decor item which is my favourite is the bar cabinet, as it has a seperate element to it & it stands out in the whole living room. Also since is it custome made it is even more special as I would mostly be the only one having it. My friends & I love hanging out in that corner.

Shweta BhardwajShweta Bhardwaj with her dog Chanchan

Who all stay in your house. How do you maintain it?
I stay with my maid & my little dog Chanchan. The maintenance is done by cleaning maid who cleans the house once in a day. The kitchen area is handled by my full-time maid.

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