Simple changes that can perk up your bathroom

Bathroom Interiors Dated:  Dec. 30, 2013
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Bathroom Design Idea by: Kapil Aggarwal

Respire a new living spirit in your bathroom, with these simple ideas you can brace up your bathroom decor in no time. Just because we do not spend a lot of time in this tiny room, it doesn't mean that we should neglect or give less importance to it. A bathroom should be a resort that exudes purity, cleanliness and a sense of relaxation. Following are some easy tips that can perk up your bathroom very quickly.

Master BathroomMaster Bathroom Design Idea by: Yatin Pandya
  1. Paint:- Nothing can give a new look to a room like a fresh coat of paint. Consider applying light colors like blue, white, sunshine yellow, etc. A fresh paint is always inviting. 
  2. Brighten up:- Change the old school track lighting system and install a brand new series of neon lights. You can at least remove those old fluorescent bulbs and replace them with some modern bulbs . 
  3. Upgrade your floor:- If your bathroom tiles are old, give them a new look, you don't need to replace the whole set, but you might add a few colorful ones to boost up the room. 
  4. The Mirror work:- Are you bored of your old rectangular mirror on the wall? Well then it's time for a change. There are plenty of new designs and options available in the market a round sunburst mirror looks fantastic. 
  5. Upgrade your sink:- Upgrading your sink is a good idea, it can definitely add beauty and class to your bathroom. Do not have mismatched accessories all around your bathroom. You can have new design toothbrush holders or soap holders. 
Sink Sink with mirror work on black wall design by: 999 interiors Interiors
  1. New Towels:- Change those towels that are no more functional or usable. in new towels, better to opt for colorful towels. 
  2. Look for new design hooks to store your bath towels.
  3. If you have a bathtub in your bathroom, you can gather around and group some candles for instant ambiance.
  4. Some people prefer reading magazines in the toilet, it's neither a good habit nor bad , so you can have a small bookshelf just close to the toilet to store newspapers, magazines, etc. 
  5. Last but not the least clear up the clutter, it's very difficult to feel neat and clean if the bathroom is not clean.
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