Simple Decor Ideas for Home Office

Decor Tips Dated:  Jan. 4, 2014
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Office design by: Shahen Mistry

Whether you are running a business or are used to working on household tasks like paying bills every now and then, it seems like you need to carve out a workspace in your house. Well, it doesn't matter whether your space allows or not , in the end you have to stuff a table and a chair somewhere deep down in the corner and manage your tasks accordingly.

How often have you been procrastinating to spruce up that space in the nook that you call a home office? Simply equipping the space with table and chairs doesn't help. If you really need a home workplace, you need to step out of your comfort zone and look for better ideas that complement your profession.

For some people, carving out the space itself is overwhelming. Well, you can always find a small space where you can lay down a small table and a chair. If you have somehow managed to find that nook, setting up the space is as easy as decorating a living room. Few ideas, a little creativity and a passion for decor is what it takes Just follow these simple steps and materialize your home office setting today. 

Declutter: No matter how prissy you go about the decor, in the end you will always find your tables decluttered. This usually happens because of pile of papers, files and other stationery stuff that somehow find their way on the desk all the time. The solution- Get the things organized-Stack them in separate chambers in your desk drawers and you'll always find them.

Keep it Simple yet organized: There is no need to go overboard over your home office decor. Stuffing the space with more decor essentials does nothing but crams the space. However, ensure that your workplace table is equipped with all

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stationery essentials. A table clock, paperweight and a calendar are must. 

Right colors: Always choose right colors for your room. Shades of blue and green are most preferred over the plain white ones; The latter seem to make the decor look monotonous. Nevertheless, feel free to try color highlights with warm colors like orange and bright yellow.

Office Furniture that strikes a balance between quality and functionality : Furniture aesthetics is important, yet opt for a furniture that is versatile and durable. Softwood and mahogany desk are quite common in most interiors. For a polished look, you can have them veneered. Apart from wood, metallic and plastic tables are quite common. Plastic tables are portable and easy to manage. Go for the material that suits your taste , however make sure that it is durable in the long run.

As far as the functionality is concerned, always make sure that your table is equipped with   enough drawers so that you can stack in everything that you would be needing while working. 

Comfy Chairs: Invest in quality office chairs with a plush upholstery that provides optimum comfort. Leather chairs are the most sought after ones. You will find them

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various assortment of quality and designs. 

Bring in the nature:  The fresh natural stuff from the outdoors rejuvenates the place and creates a mood. Bring in some green plants or spruce up the walls with the paintings from nature. 

Centrepiece: Just like you have one for your coffee table,  find a centrepiece for your study table too. Vases with just a few bunch of flowers would do. Don't get an enormous one as it would simply cram the space and distract you while working. 

Last but not the least, efficient lighting: Poor lighting might aggravate eyesight and lead to headaches. Hence you need to play up your space with efficient lighting fixtures. Sconces and spotlights always work well. You will find the best table lamp brands in the market. Look for the ones that are adjustable. However, keep in mind- lamps that only provide the ambience would not meet your requirements. Go for ones that really illuminate the area.

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