Sink-in sofas or Upright chairs - What's Better?

Decor Tips Dated:  April 5, 2014
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A sofa set is one of the most important parts of one’s home furniture and in most cases it is a purchase that is expected to last at least a decade. Most Indian homes are now also opting for the Upright chairs with cushioned seats as opposed to the sink in sofas. In any case this is one of the most used pieces of furniture in any setting and a comfy sofa or chair set can make a lot of people happy or unhappy. Question is how to make the choice and decide which one to buy and why?

Sink in sofa

•    These sofas are very inviting and tend to become a fave relaxation spot.
•    They come in very attractive and tend to be a luxury item.  They are also very trendy in looks and often very desirable too.
•    At the end of a tough day you may well find yourself dreaming of your sink in sofa and finding that much needed rest and recuperation.
•    As the name suggests these are meant for you to flop on to and sink in. You very often collapse onto them rather than sit on them upright or alert. 
•    Sink in sofas are meant for comfort and rest and they often induce a tilted pelvic position which is not very healthy for the strength of the muscles.
•    These sofas are meant to envelop you and give you a feeling of instant and total relaxation and tend to be big in size. In most of the metropolitan cities in India space is becoming increasingly dear and these may not be suitable for such a space.
•    Over time the springs in these sink in sofas tend to sag and the sofa turns saggy rather than comfy. So keep in mind that

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and when your sink in sofa turns saggy you should get in touch with a sofa shop and get the springs tweaked.

Upright Chairs

•    Upright chairs seem to be ideal for narrow spaces and small sitting rooms as they do not take much space and can provide a really good design and look to the sitting area; without making it feel or look small.
•    They also happen to be good for your body posture as unlike the sink in sofas they keep your back straight and save you from the tilted pelvic position.
•    Though they may not look as grand as the sink in sofa they do come in very chic and trendy designs and the upholstery is rather easy to change. You can always redo it as you change the theme and paint scheme of the room.
•    Upright chairs are rather sturdy and last much longer and you can always manage to make them more comfy by adding on extra foam in the seat or arm rest area.

The choice between the sink in sofa or upright chair is rather easily made if the choice is based on the space constraint or health issues. Apart from these

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major factors you can decide based on the look and theme you wish to create and what your lifestyle demands.

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