Sound proof glass for home - A Quick Guide

Product Guide Dated:  April 26, 2016
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A home is both a heaven and a haven for each one of us- where  we take refuge from the annoying,busy and deplorable environmental condition outside. But as the time passes, pollution level is touching new horizon. Along the much talked about air and water pollution, sound /noise has become an annoying intruder in  our calmful life, leading to various hearing problems. With highways that are ever lined up with traffic, streets reluctantly playing host to extravangant processions for functions, you are hardly noise- protected in your own home. Your dream of having a quite session with yourself listening to music or practising an unwinding yoga session looks like a dream too big. Does that mean there is no way out of this misery? Definitely not.

Your house can definitely  turn into a peaceful sanctum. With right sound proofing system in place, there is no external force that can snatch that peace of mind.

Sound proofing has increasingly become famous in these days, especially in the urban wilderness.Though, for many of us, this sounds like a new concept for homes, we have all taken its advantage in one or the other way.

So how does it work ?

Sound does not travel. It instead passes on the vibration created by its source to the medium available. The vibrations are passed on until they reach our ears. In the transit, though, the intensity does decrease - the reason why noise sourced at a farther place is feeble and low to our ears. These vibrations are altered when there is a change in the medium. Thicker and denser the medium, lesser the vibrations that pass through. This explains the reason why thin single glass pane are ineffective in cutting down the external noise. Double glazed or laminated windows, on the other hand make thicker barriers. A point worth noting is that any tiny hole in the arrangement of such glasses and frames that allows air to pass through will nullify the acoustic performance of sound proof glasses. Hence, it is important to check that the glasses and frames are sealed with appropriate sealants and in an airtight manner.  

Types of soundproofing glasses

Among many others, Laminated glass and Insulating Glass Units are the most commonly used and proved to be of high performance.

Laminated glass

This contains two or more glass panes that are arranged together with a plastic film or a layer of vinyl (usually a PVB one)in between, thereby adding more thickness and distorting the path of the sound waves. Studies suggest that  using glass panes of different thickness can prove to be more effective than of equal thickness that are commonly used.

Apart from reducing the noise, laminated glasses are safer in situations when the glass breaks. The tough-to- break glasses, even if break, do not shatter as does the single pane and remain adhered to the vinyl layer thereby preventing any serious injury.

AIS Acoustic Glass a Acoustic SolutionAIS Acoustic Glass – Acoustic Solution offered by Glasxperts

Glasxperts, one of the leading glass solution providers, can be best one you can count on. From a full on simulation test at your home to check the sound level to deciding the right decibel required in your home, Glasxperts has a range of materials to sound proof your house with frames that you would fall in love with. 

Insulated Glass Units

Insulated Glass Unit (IGU) or 'double glazing' as popularly known is yet another brilliant option to insulate your house from both external noise and excessive heat loss/gain.  The efficiency of the windows is now even bettered with triple glazing where in 3 glass panes are arranged with around 12 mm to 20mm of air gap in between to increase the width of the barrier sealed with primary and secondary sealants. Dry air or inert gas like Argon(denser than air) fills the air gap making it hard to both sound and heat to cross the window. 

Modified versions of Insulated Glass Units have vacuum in the air gap as gases like Argon and Krypton prove expensive gap fillers.

Acoustic SolutionAcoustic Solution
Image Source: alliedglassguys.coma

Knowing the Efficiency of sound proofing solutions

Sound proofing, just like any other system that adds to our  convenience, has a measurement unit/rating system  to check the acoustic performance. Sound transmission class (STC) of a single pane window lies between 26-28 (in the rating chart ) while that of a double pane window can go up to 33. STC, however, is not a rating meant to rate the soundproof performance of windows alone, but of all building materials.


If you are wondering that a window or door so multi functional will not prove right in terms of adding aesthetics to the house or match the look, you will be happy to be proved wrong. Just like the conventional windows, the designs and models are endless.Moreover,as these are mostly custom made, you will never be saddened. From awning to single or double hung or sleek sliding ones, sound proofing windows can be very much similar in looks and appearance to the traditonal ones. 

Sound proofing, will indeed be, one of the fine alterations or additions you will be giving to your home, making it a lot more pleasant and livable. 

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