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Architectural Styles from around the World Dated:  Jan. 28, 2016
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Sri Lankan Style Interior Design by Ar. Channa Horombuwa

Sri Lanka - a small island lying to the south of Indian Mainland is the topic of the day.
With endless splendid beaches, diverse wildlife and lush green rain forests, Sri Lanka  ( which in sanskrit means resplendent land) is a land worth visiting. Exotic coconut palms, spicy cuisines, beach side hotels are some more to look for. But that's not all about Sri Lanka. The story of Sri Lankan architecture and designing is even more marvelling to find out.

Sri Lanka, being a tropical country has great affinity towards the natural bounty it is blessed with. This love for  serenity is manifested in their architecture as well with huge open spaces in and around the building to stay as close  to nature.

Our conversation  with noted Sri Lankan Architect Ruchira Wickramasinghe reveals some of the prime elements that define Sri Lankan interiors.

Sri Lankan Style ArchitectureSri Lankan Style Architecture Designed by Architect PWA Architects

Roof terrace

Open terraces are what we usually see around us. But Sri Lanka's take on the open space is unique. Most of the houses prefer to have roofed terraces to enjoy the best of all season- whether it is warm sunny summers or the romantic rains. “People would love to have large terraces over narrow balconies if one had to opt between the two ” finds   Ruchira.

Cement is not just for the base

Interior Design Sri Lanka StyleConcept conceived by Arch. Geoffrey Bawa, one of the influential and celebrated architects of south Asia
Image source:

Cement for Sri Lankan houses are not always meant to be hidden behind the glossy paints. From floor to ceiling and all in between ( inbuilt furniture), concrete still remains an evergreen choice  for  a typical house in Sri Lanka-A fascination that has well crossed the boundaries of the island.

Tiny exposed concrete cubicles for storing the kitchen essentials is not a bad option. The polished concrete floor too give a rustic look to the kitchen.

Land of timber has  love for timber

Timber is the first on the list for furniture in Sri Lanka, expected to be so with any other south Asian country. People here find it hard to compare the royality and fineness of a well polished timber piece with any other material when it is about furnishing the space.

Sofas, centre tables, corner stand, shelves or even the floor itself- timber can never be 'too much' for a room.

Land of timber has  love for timberSri Lankan Style by Architect Channa Horombuwa

Minimalism gains ground

With passing time, trends evolve in every sphere of life and space designing is no different.
One such trending concept in the island is 'minimalism'. The land has started to realise and believe in the 'less is more' notion. This when combined with the spirit of openness, makes the interiors heavenly.

The below given bedroom  is a perfect example  where the minimalistically done interiors of the bedroom is extended outwards to a gallery where the ceiling is hardly seen.

Minimalism gains groundMinimalism gains ground Designed by Architect Channa Horombuwa

Verandas are forever

Times change. So do  trends. But there are certain things that never cease to bear the importance. A well created Sri Lankan house is never complete without expansive verandas and courtyards.
Exotic coconut trees or pol gasak and  bamboo shrubs are commonly seen standing in the courtyard welcoming the guests with fresh, cool breeze- a scene that hasn't gone much change in decades.

Sri Lankan Style ArchitectureSri Lankan Style Architecture
Image source:

From shower to sky

We all might have fantasied about a shower under a  pristine waterfalls surrounded by the rocks and bushes. To partially make it happen, everyday, is the efforts taken in the designing bathrooms  where the ceiling above the shower is given a miss opening it the infinite sky above.

shower to skyshower to sky
Image source:

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