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Green Homes Dated:  Dec. 30, 2013
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Since the dawn of inevitable inflation that keeps on escalating year after year, every business has become a pricey issue. And apparently, real estate and housing sectors are said to be most benefited as a result of sudden inflation. And this is what takes toll on homeowners who are either looking forward to buy a home across a favorable location or renovate their old home with all the modern amenities. Revamping a new home with minimal resources has become as difficult as finding a new house in a desirable location. Also at the same time,  despite  implementation of various conservation techniques, energy is being spent up at a pace that it is said to  almost go extinct in near future. 

Such grave circumstances have paved the way for Green Homes. The term 'Green home' might be a misnomer for many who mistakes it for houses just stuffed with more of green plants. Technically, the concept is broader. Unimpeachably, it is the increase in global warming and pollution that has motivated the architects to think across these lines. But, this is where the concept of Reduce, Recycle and Reuse arises. It emphasizes on reducing the new purchases and reusing the existing ones. 

In other words, adapting the green home concept would help you stay adhered to energy conservation principles. At the same time, this concept would teach you how to achieve the most lucrative renovation, thus cutting on ludicrous expenses. All it requires is a little innovation. Read on to know better. 

The Green Living Plan:

  1. Reduce: Take your first step towards green home remodeling- buy only the basics. Believe in quality rather than quantity. Whether you have bought a new home or are looking forward to revive the old one, stash away the wastes that you need no longer and try wasting money on things which you would have to stash away in near future.
  2. Recycle: Next step insists on buying only the recycled products so that you can reuse it near future. So when you are exploring furniture in local stores, ask for the ones with a recycle logo. Such products can easily be recycled after a considerable span of time. 
  3. Reuse: This is the best way to ensure that you always stay confined to your budget. There are six out of ten people in India who despite having plenty of decor stuff at home, toss surplus money on new decor items that does nothing but just cram enough space. The concept of reuse involves a little creativity. Why not just change the upholstery fabric of your old sofa set? Why not revive old paintings that have been buried away somewhere deep down in the trunks? Revamping a home is not always an arm and leg issue.
  4. Conservation of Resources: Saving water and electricity is important as these resources are said to be depleted very soon in future. 

4. (1). Water: This can be done by using appliances and fittings that uses water efficiently-ones with 3-star or more ratings. Moreover, it is advised to harvest rainwater in big tanks for secondary usages like supplying water to plants and doing laundry. 

4. (2). Electricity: Natural heating and cooling is the best way to save electricity during the day. And this can be brought about by devising a passive solar design for your homes. First thing-The building construction should be lightweight. However, right insulation is also important. Ensure that your homes have ventilators to capture air for cross ventilation. Make sure that your home design plan takes into account the concept of enormous windows, which oriented in right direction allows ample sunlight and air. Furthermore, to emphasize the natural lighting effect, make sure that there are mirrors right in front of the windows which would reflect more of natural light. 

5. Cut down the use of paper: Last, but not the least, make certain that paper use is reduced as much as possible as it generates nothing but a pile of wastes in the end. 

Once you stick to these how to pointers right from the very first day of your home inauguration, you would find yourself stringing along the Green Home concept. Future calls for sustainable homes!Way to go! 

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