The Ultimate Guide for Decorating a Modern Studio Apartment

Interior Design Ideas & Tips Dated:  Dec. 28, 2015
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Studio Apartment Decor Idea by The White Room Studio

Moving to a metropolitan city? There is no doubt that a slew of thoughts will be lingering in your head such as where to best find an apartment, how to adjust with the elevated cost of living and so on. One of the major problem you would face is of choosing an apartment. If the idea of Studio apartment flashed in your mind for even a millionth of a second, hold on to it.Give it a serious thought.

Studio apartments are usually avoided since people believe that it is not sensible to arrange  your entire belongings in one single room. This is not entirely true. Of course,it can never be compared with a normal flat, there are plus points to it that one cannot ignore. Afterall, we should learn to see the brighter side of things, don't we ?

Studio apartments can be well organised to look spacious and classy if you know the right things that should grab the space.

1. Since space is the major constraint in a studio apartment and you do want to belittle the  importance of any of the functional area, its always recommended to have the least of furniture and  decorate the room with the essentials. This means choosing essential functional items like the sofas, lamps, tables  or even a floor rug that does the work of decorating the room.

This might prove to be a bit more expensive but it is totally worth it as they are on dual duty.

small studio apartment ideasSmall studio apartment ideas
Image source:

An elegant and sleek look. It is worth noting here that there is hardly anything which is not of any use. From the lights ( floor lamps, wall lamps and hanging pendant lamps) to the chairs and the sofas, every single article in this room has given more than what it stands for. 

2. Go for big and few articles rather than many tiny ones if you still feel the need for some decorative items like a flower vase for the floors or a huge painting to adorn the walls.

If  you have a collection of photos or paintings that you are reluctant to hide in your closets, bring it to the walls This will help you create  a story on the walls.

Apartment DecorApartment Decor
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3. Assign a fixed place for everything you have at home. Once its use is over, it should  return to its place. Sufficient cupboards and cabins will save you from keeping the stuff well concealed.

Small Apartment DecorSmall Apartment Decor
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It is more important to keep the space uncluttered and congested than to think of decorating it. A well kept room is much better than one which is packed with articles.

4. Privacy is one issue that comes to our mind when we think of studio apartment. There is no well defined bedroom in a studio apartment but a certain level of isolation from the rest of the room is possible.Again, bring in the concept of decorating with essentials.

The  below picture shows the perfect way of achieving privacy for a bedroom space with a divider that is also a shelf.

An out of the box idea of creating cubicle  as barriers -a perfect place to flaunt your trophies,photos and show pieces.

Apartment Decor IdeasApartment Decor Ideas
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Talking about the virtual bedroom, bedrooms are one place which we can mould and decorate according to  our personal taste and this privilege of giving your space the look you need should not be snatched from you just because you are in a studio apartment.

With the beautiful divider to separate the bedroom, you are free to to decorate the wall behind your bed.

bedroom Decor IdeasBedroom Decor Ideas
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Men in black show the way!!

5. Paint it right

Many a times, correct selection of colours for the walls can do wonders in bringing out the best of your apartment. Matte finished paints are the trend now as it adds a royal touch to your home.

 White or off white shades can go well with both contrasting coloured  as well as with similar subtle coloured decor which brings peaceful, uncluttered look.

small apartments designs ideassmall apartments designs ideas
Image source:

The furniture blends with the wall while the contrasting shades of blue and green bring depth to the room.

6. Pour in some greenery.

Last but not the least - plants are something which fits best with any type of apartment. - whether it is studio or a traditional BHK, big or small. This awesome creation of the almighty is humble enough to add a tint of green(which  our eyes love the most) and give a fresh and soothing ambience.

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