5 Ideas to create a perfect dining space in a studio apartment

Dining Room Design & Decor Dated:  Dec. 14, 2015
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Dining Areas in Small Spaces design by Ar. Channa Horombuwa

Having a studio apartment has its own advantages and downsides. Many of us have now started to realise that studio apartments are not a bad option, as was the previous belief.Once we have an idea about what  to buy(decors ) and how to arrange them in the apartment, things are much easier.

A proper dining area is something we all want, no matter how small the apartment is. Its a place where the entire family come together and create the most memorable moments of their life  over a hot, sumptuous dinner or lunch.

Following are some ideas which will enlighten you on how to do the dining space that will fit in perfectly with the rest of the decor.

1. This  apartment has an overall beige tone with different shades used to bring in subtlety. To make a contrast, the dining decor  used is of dark brown shade. This dining table sits at a considerable distance from the living space giving an airy and spacious look.

The beige filled room makes the room look uncluttered. Bright coloured interiors can make a room look packed and congested which definitely is not inviting, unless your apartment is really huge.

Dining table with six seatsDining table with six seats
Image source: www.trastus.com

2. One plus point of studio apartment is that you don't have to walk across different rooms to get the things. You have almost everything that can be reached by just a leap.

The dining table arrangement  in the below picture shows how to bring all the functional space together and at the same time not giving the feel of a clumsy room.

The dining table is set close to the kitchen counter which makes it easier to reach out to the kitchen. The entire room is furnished with sleek furniture, especially the dining table, which makes the room space -efficient. The transparent blue colour of the chairs coupled with white table enhance the effect of natural light coming through the windows. Not to be ignored is the lovely plants that completes the look with a touch of green.

kitchen and Dining Room for the small studio apartmentkitchen and Dining Room for the small studio apartment
Image source: www.brucehotchkiss.com

3. Many of us love to arrange get together parties at home and just because you are in a studio apartment, you don't have to let go the pleasure you get on seeing those happy, smiling faces for  the delectable food you fed them.

Banquet style bench seats for a wall attached dining area is the  perfect idea you can adopt. No matter what you will always find room to accommodate one more  friend.

This set up is the perfect way to utilize the hidden space along the edges of the walls which otherwise might have been left unused.

Dining Room IdeasDining Room Ideas
Image source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/280630620506776361/

4. The setting shown below is the ultimate choice when you have minimum space to allot for dining and at the same time do not want to compromise with the look.

This ultra space saving dining table gives you the freedom to set it up at which ever part in the apartment you wish to.Since the  chairs are so made that it perfectly fits in the space beneath the table, there is hardly any space being used.

Dining Table Design IdeasDining Table Design Ideas
Image source: bayportalamedanews.com
Small Space Dining RoomSmall Space Dining Room
Image source: reklamology.com

If you are  left only with a corner of the apartment to create  a dining space  after providing for all the other functional areas like the living, kitchen, bedroom space, don't be depressed. Try setting some, solid furniture for the dining, complimenting  the colour on the  walls. Choose the ones which has sleek legs. The dining area can be differentiated by spreading a floor rug underneath.

5. One great idea of creating space is going for furnitures that are flexible -meaning furnitures that can be made to disappear when not in use. 

Foldable dining tables are a great option to create a dining space as and when required  and free the area when it is not. These tables are so designed that you don't have to compromise with the look too as they come in trendy plywood or steel body which will match almost all types of the house interiors.

Murphy dining tables are another great alternative when you are short of space.

Modern Tables Folding Furniture Design IideasModern Tables Folding Furniture Design Iideas
Image source: lushome.com

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