Summer Decor Ideas

Festive Decor Dated:  March 6, 2014
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As the summer sets in, put away the warm woollen blankets, bright bed covers and bring out fresh light hues of pastel colours and outdoor sitting arrangements. Here are some home decor tips for upcoming summer.

Gemstone Colours
Chiffon or georgette material curtains in hues of pastel are the talk of every summer.  Are you ready to turn tables this 2014? Jazz up the ambience with gemstone colours such as turquoise, emerald, ruby and sapphire! 
In case you plan to keep the furniture and decoration neutral, then the gemstone colours on your curtains with the combination would make a deep everlasting fresh impact. 

Outdoor Setting
Place a coffee table in the open terrace, balcony or garden and fit a huge beach umbrella right above the sitting area to protect you from the harsh sun. Enjoy your summer nap, or summer morning tea in the open arena. 
For the garden people, place a hammock between the tree trunks and laze the Sunday summer afternoon with a good read. 

Nautical Decor
To beat the heat, decorate your living space with cool decorative items such as a basket full of sea shells, spring flowers and paintings of waterfall, seaside, or on the lines of blue or sea green hues. These decorative items not only enliven the summer feel, but also bring in positivity in the room.

Printed Decor
Ikat or tie and dye prints give a very summery look. Curtains, bed sheets, cushion covers, table cloths and all other furnishing can get a new look with such cloths. These trendy prints in hues of blue, yellow, and red grab instant attention from the onlookers. One can quickly wrap up a pin board or photo frames with intricate detailing. 

Clutter Free Spaces
Redo the mantel or centre table with less baggage. Introduce peppy coloured coasters, new books to read, vibrant

Berger Silk Designzz
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Berger Silk Designzz
decorative items. As the season changes, rotation of colours, decorative items and surroundings help brightening the season. Clear out the cluttered spaces or corners and replace them with new items.  


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