The Parting Shot

Opinions Dated:  Aug. 21, 2015
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prof. anil laul (Center) sketching out the advantages of a funicular shell roof, Image source:

Faulty Human Settlement Design coupled with the principles of fractional banking has sparked off the present economic crisis plaguing the world. Ironically, it is the progressive countries that headquarter the agencies that take the financial decisions, and that have the laudable objective of funding projects around the world. It is also the most progressive of these very countries that owes the world more than US$ 16 trillion which incidentally, is more than the entire amount of money printed the world over. Now, the debt ceiling of this iconic nation has been raised to an undisclosed amount.

The 11th Commandment (that even Moses possibly forgot)

Way back in the late 1980s, I recall having a heated discussion with the head of an international banking organisation which sets the standards for the world. Norms, using ‘land as a resource’ was the buzz slogan and considered as the key to urban development.  He was a strong believer of this and nothing would convince him otherwise. This, he said, would enable raising finance to meet the needs of urban infrastructure. Considered the logical way forward, it was, to my mind, an almost lethal weapon for certain unmitigated financial and urban disaster. Land was never a tradable commodity, I argued, but he would have none of it. Never before has man bought and sold land in the manner that we have come to accept. Land could never be bought or sold. It is only the asset on the land that could be bought or sold. The concept of ‘Mother Earth’ and ‘Motherland’ is a cautionary term propagated to warn man of the severe implications, should he exploit land in the manner we do today. You don’t sell your mother, is the hidden message. Till the very recent past, the state leased land and this ensured stability. With

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commoditisation of land, we have seen problems grow inflation balloon and disparities spin out of control. With these grow our environment-related problems, with huge profits for a limited few, at the cost of others.

Today, the world without land being a tradable asset is unconceivable. Couple this commercialisation of land with fractional banking, and we have a potent brew for a financial war without weapons where annihilation is a certainty. We are already on the brink of it and the most powerful of nations have only themselves to blame. This has set the world in turmoil.

I will get into this somewhere down the line, when I can figure out a way with graphs and bibliographies to match. I have to find a way to make this look complex with pie charts, comparative graphs, animations and colourful graphics, in order to reach out to the researchers, who feel that they matter. Only then, would this find some semblance of acceptability.

“Banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.” - Thomas Jefferson

For those who may disagree, it may be of interest to note that the Federal Bank was de-structured in the year 1835. It was only in 1913 that this

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a re-emrgence at the behest of some financial and banking giants. The Central Bank or the Federal Bank was disbanded as it was concluded in no uncertain terms that fractional banking leads to the creation of money out of thin air, where none exists. Not that this has missed the attention of the few string pullers, but the concerted effort has been directed towards diverting the attention from the root cause of the problem. Fractional banking with high tradable values attached to land make for an even more lethal cocktail. At the tail end of this is the common man’s very existence, which takes the form of the Urban Crisis - the Mother of all Crises. The perceived crises are the many diversionary strategies designed to camouflage the master strokes being played out by power centres. Today, this powerful nation has the banking giants and standing army that can defend any idea or strategy dictated by its sinister interest groups. Any challenge to the strategy would almost instantaneously impose sanctions and threats, much like a big bully.

It is evident that the present financial chaos began with the housing crisis which used land as well as the asset built on it as a tradable commodity. Bad mortgages, inflated land values, and artificially created land shortages led to the crash of the financial institutions. The state was often a key player. If examined in the larger context, it is the policies of urbanisation that are the most serious abuse of human values and sustainability. These faulty systems form the basic academic fodder in the best of educational institutions which then goes on to becoming the very fabric of our day-to-day-lives. The present generation has come to accept this as a reality since this was an integral part of not only their fundamental education but their advanced education as well.

"To create lipstick for honest whores is one thing, but to create deodorant for her pimp is another" -- Winston Churchill

Incorrect choice of land and the manner in which we plan our consumption of natural resources for sustenance should be the focus of our attention and require re-examination. The myths and procedures laid out in our ancient texts were not without reason but were based on sheer common sense and rationalisation over centuries of evolution. These were then propagated around religion and myths to ensure compliance. There is a basic strategy at work here that needs a close scrutiny.

A simple illustration of this point would be that when the West wanted to boost their sagging cosmetic industry, they gave India the Miss Universe and Miss World titles all in one year. Unarguably, these two young ladies are the best and do the nation proud. The simultaneous undercover strategy sold India the world of beauty products, some with dangerous side effects which are now rejected even in the west. It has taken us years to once again return to our traditional products, but a lot has been lost. So it has been with other nations. A similar hidden agenda is evident in most other developments that are pushed into the market consistently.

Apart from several such manoeuvres, we now have the Carbon Credits rating systems thrust upon us through our leadership role in the business of climate change. We have all fallen for it hook, line rod and sinker. So powerful is the selling machinery behind this campaign that those that resist this movement are considered heretics and publicly ridiculed. This is a back door entry to hit our traditional and appropriate building industry which is the back-bone of our economy, after agriculture.

Technologies that have added to our woes with a phenomenal price tag are literally forced down our throats as a progressive and sustainable strategy. This is then backed by promotion through academia and GONGOs. (The word ‘GONGO’ is now an accepted term and is a consequence of the international agencies promoting NGO’s that are headed by ex-Government officials who were responsible for the problems in the first place. The result is ‘Government Owned Non-Government Organisation’ that is best at being His Master’s Voice and practising ‘Monkey See-Monkey Do’). The same holds true for our food products, the produce itself, the process and the marketing of these for mass consumption under the garb of large scale and centralised systems — all for the supposed interests of the people. The results are there for us to see. The world economic crisis as we have it now is an additional consequence of this. But, the profit motive far outstrips the needs for humanity as a whole.

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