Sustainable Smart Cities India, Mangaluru ( Second Edition ) - Presentations and Conference Highlights

Events Diary Dated:  Dec. 14, 2015
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Sustainable Smart Cities India, Mangalore

Nispana informs its well wishers, members, supporters and clients about the successful organisation of conference on Sustainable Smart Cities India (2nd Edition) that  was held  at Dr TMA Pai International Convention Centre, Mangaluru on 16th and 17th of November 2015. The conference was co-organised by Mangalore City Corporation and supported by Smart Cities India Foundation. 

ZingyHomes was the official online partner for the event. 

The theme for 2nd Edition  conference was 'Transforming tier 2 and tier 3 cities towards a Sustainable and smart cities'. The conference witnessed  participation of more than 400 delegates from various developers and construction consultants, talks and panel discussions by eminent speakers and interactive sessions that kept the audience enthralled throughout.

Sustainable Smart CitiesSustainable Smart Cities
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Sustainable Smart Cities India, MangaloreSustainable Smart Cities India, Mangalore
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Excerpts from Some of the Presentations:

1. SMART Urban Transformation-
 Presented by Shri C Dileep Kumar,
VP, IIDC Limited.

Shri C Dileep KumarShri C Dileep Kumar

The presentation was to put forth the Ideas that could work for Mangaluru taking clues from the redevelopment plan executed in Spain (International), Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Delhi,Thiruvananthapuram and the likes. There were clear evidences of how small steps resulted in giant changes that relieved the public from great inconvenience while using the public services.

PAN city proposals for Mangaluru was also presented stressing on topics like Intelligent Transport System, Public Mobility App and Decentralised Waste Management.

2. Ways to finance smart city smartly
 Presented by Shri C  Dileep Kumar,
VP, IIDC Limited

Shri C Dileep KumarShri C Dileep Kumar

Focused on the need of analysing various factors  while opting for a mode of finance. Presented an elaborate explanation on various option available for Urban Financing out of which PMDO (Pooled Municipal Debt Obligation) facility was stressed upon.

3. Envisioning Mangaluru as a smart city
  Presented by Shri I B Ibrahim, 
  IAS, Deputy Commissioner, Dakshina Kannada

Shri I B IbrahimShri I B Ibrahim

The audience were taken to a visual tour of Dakshina Kannada through the presentation. Mangaluru's past, present and potentials of the future were shown in true colours covering the historical, cultural and educational aspects of the city that were continuously evolving.

The potential areas for Investment were also briefed to the participants.

4. Policy and Implementation Issues for smart cities
Presented by Dr A Ravindra IAS (Retd),
Former Chief Secretary, Karnataka
Chairman, Smart cities India Foundation

Dr A Ravindra IAS (Retd)Dr A Ravindra IAS (Retd)

The presentation started with a briefing on 'Purpose of smart cities' followed by the policy and implementation issues. The audience were also briefed about vision and working of SCIF (Smart Cities India Foundation).

5. Sustainability concepts for smart cities
 Presented by Shri M Selvarasu,
Director, LEAD Consultancy and Engineering Services(India)Pvt Ltd.

Shri M SelvarasuShri M Selvarasu

The presentation was  an eye opener on various problems like water and energy availability and how their scarcity is going to increase in the coming years. The presentation thus focused on the sustainable aspects of smart city implementation which included  a list of energy conservation and green  measures.

 6. Smart City-Contextualising Global Ideas for Indian cities
Presented by Mahesh Waghdhare
Founding Partner, StudioPOD

Mahesh WaghdhareMahesh Waghdhare

'People first Approach' was the core of the presentation. The presentation, taking clues from two equally backward countries like India -Colombia and Brazil, showed how development approach keeping the local people and their needs in the mainstream is the right way rather than those that polishes the image of the city on the outer.

It also pointed out that any development or redevelopment of cities in India should always consider the water issues prior to further planning since India is the largest ground water user in the world.

A tour to Abu Dhabi's  development plan for the coming years gave some path breaking ideas that could be emulated in India.

7. Knowledge and Wellness and Sports city as economic growth centres
 Presented by Rajen Padukone
Manipal Education and Medical Group

Rajen PadukoneRajen Padukone

As the title  suggests, the presentation was a list of suggestions to lift the quality of services in knowledge and healthcare sector to newer heights using digital Technologies while reducing cost and resource consumption.

It also suggested that the vision of healthcare service should shift from curative to wellness which is affordable and convenient to the general public.
The need for a smart sports city was also highlighted.

8. Auroville-an Incubation for smart city Development 
Presented by Toine Van Megen 
Co founder, Auroville Consulting

Toine Van MegenToine Van Megen

The presentation took the audience by surprise  that showed  the dramatic changes that Auroville Consulting was able to bring about in spheres like Waste water management, Waste management,  regenerating green belts across the cities in Tamil Nadu, Solar and Wind energy etc.
The presentation also educated the audience that a Smart city should always  be generative  and create an environment for the a smarter lifestyle of continuous change and progress.

Sustainable Smart Cities IndiaSustainable Smart Cities India
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The Presentations were followed by  various discussions  that brought together the best of  brains  in providing ideas and solutions for implementation of  a sustainable smart city projects in India.

The two day conference came to a glorious end with the valedictory ceremony speech by Shri U T Khader -(Hon'ble Minister for Health and Family Welfare, Govt of Karnataka) on Health of smart cities.

In every sense, the conference proved to be a sell out that enlightened the participants with the true concept of smart city and the ways to implement it sustainably.

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