Symmetry in Home design and decor: Ideas and tips

Interior Design Ideas & Tips Dated:  Jan. 19, 2016
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Symmetrical Living Room

Interior designing is an art few can master. We  can all  make out a well designed interior even when we have no prior knowledge about the subject.. This said, there is a lot of principles and concepts that go into making that perfectly looking harmonious  interior- symmetry being one of them.

We may hardly notice symmetry in our day to day life but things which aren't in symmetry catches our eyes very fast. While asymmetry makes the view of the room dramatic, symmetry balances. There are spaces which can go asymmetrical and places which calls for a balanced view.
 As you don't want to place your decor in the 'wrong way' , here's a few tips and tricks that will make these things fall in place in your room.

Symmetry is a unifying concept that weaves together the elements in the room making it look like a single unit.

There are many types of symmetry that play vital role in architecture and interior designing. Having a good knowledge about this will help you great deal in arranging the decor in your home. So let's get started.

Mirror imaging brings balance 

Bilateral symmetry or mirror imaging is to have two look alike halves.

The living room below shows a perfect example of bilateral symmetry. With the fire place and centre table dividing the room into two halves, the elements have taken a bilateral position. Whether its the twin sofa, the photo frames flanking the fireplace or the potted plants- each one on the pairs sits at equal distance from the centre( or the focal point)as the other. The look, indeed is, perfectly balanced.

Symmetry in Home DesignSymmetry in Home Design
Image source:
Symmetry in a RoomSymmetry in a Room
Image source:

Now imagine the mirror on the gorgeous turquoise walls with just one lamp to accompany it or one chair flanking the table. You will definitely find it odd.

Emphasize the elements with translational symmetry

This is the second most commonly followed symmetry line. The objects are repeated or translated  to highlight the view by making it look taller, broader or wider.

Photo frames lined up vertically on the walls or 3 or more stools lining the kitchen dining table gives a harmonious look to the space.

kitchen counter stoolskitchen counter stools
Image source:
false ceiling designFalse ceiling design
Image source:

Pillars are repeated in the backdrop  which accentuates  the picture in the centre. With a reflecting false ceiling, the pillars have grown in height.

Move the static

Although decor items are static, the view can be made dynamic by arranging the elements in a rotational fashion just like the petals arranged in a flower.

If you are fond of having different seating arrangement,it is always better  to arrange them in a circular or rotational  fashion.

Symmetrical living RoomSymmetrical living Room
Image source:

It would have lent a haphazard look if these seats were to be aligned in a straight line.

Adding one or the other symmetry through the decor gives a more harmonious and happy look to your interiors.

Go ahead, have a look at your rooms and balance out things. I bet it will turn out awesome.

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