Temporary Housing for Surfers in Tarifa

Events Diary Dated:  Oct. 11, 2014
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reTHINK!NG competitions, an organization focused on promoting competitions on architectural issues relevant to contemporary cultures is organizing a contest on designing temporary housing for surfers in Tarifa, the windsurfing kingdom. Housing has to be designed keeping in mind real conditions of the place, which is primarily a strip of 60 x 900m sectioned transversely to the sea shore, dunes and vegetated area.

Tarifa, facing the sea is at the point of Southern Europe which is closest to Africa and has several prehistoric remains. Because of strong easterly winds at its beaches, the town is almost a pilgrim spot for sea surfing, wind surfing and kite surfing. This leads to a lot of these sport lovers taking up temporary accommodations.

The reTHINK!NG contest is about designing temporary shelters for these water sport lovers. Such properties need to take into account the local conditions, the lifestyles of the spors enthusiasts they are meant for. The architects must be able to read the landscape and negiotiate with it so as to create ZERO Ecological Footprint. All systems must be self sufficient, independent and renewable. The project entry must also take into account the changing conditions on the landscape on account of tides.

The competition will be centered on the following 8 concepts:
Detail, Ecology, Density, Scale, Limit, Mobility, Nature, Housing.For more details on these founing concepts, visit http://rethinkingcompetitions.com

Who can participate?
All students and architecture professionals anywhere in the world can participate. Participation can be individual or in groups, eight (8) being the maximum number of members.

Members of the participating teams can be from any disciplines (artists, philosophers, photographers, etc.), though it is advised to have atleast one member as an architect or architectural student. Members of a team can be from different universities and countries.

Whats up for Grabs?

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Berger Silk Designzz
Berger Silk Luxury Emulsion Scratch-resistant, Bio-resistant Paint

First prize

3000 €

Second prize

1500 €

Third prize

500 €

• Exhibition in Sevilla
• Magazine publications
• Blogs/architecture webs publications

And 10 Honorable Mentions!

What is the participation fee?
Registration periods will depend on the competition publication and will be divided as follows:


30 € + IVA


60 € + IVA


90 € + IVA


For more details on jury, rules & regulations and how to participate, refer to the Rules Guide

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