Ten Ideas for Home Decorating on Durga Pooja

Festive Decor Dated:  Sept. 10, 2014
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Every year there is one such festival that sees a lot of fanfare and trumpet calls. Goddess Durga who emanated from the unified energies of various Gods is regarded as the savior of all Gods in the entire universe and hence is worshiped whole-heartedly for five days-Mahalaya, Shasthi, Saptmi, Maha Ashtami, Maha Nabami and Vijaydashmi.

During this period of festivity the devotees won’t even mind going overboard over Pooja Celebrations and Home Décor. After all, every space needs to exhibit a pristine charm, every aura needs to be mesmerized with that holy spirit and every interiors need a make-over.

And with only two weeks remaining for the Pooja celebrations and whole lot of shopping at bay, your home decoration scheme must have been haywired. Well, now that you have chanced upon this article, we would ask you to set aside some time to read the following, jot down the basics in your to-do lists, and then schedule things accordingly.

Let’s have a look at these 10 amazing décor endeavors-

1.    Pooja Mandir Theme – Pooja Room is the first place in the house that needs to look its best. And this can be achieved by imparting a pristine theme to the Pooja Area. Bring home a new Pooja Mandir if you feel like or rather revamp the old one. Decorate the Mandir with flowers and garlands and place the diyas around. This way a holy fragrance seeps in the room. Also, keep changing flowers everyday to preserve that vitality and freshness.

2.    Diyas – Well, if you were under the impression that “Diyas” are just meant for “Diwali”, you need an update there. “Diyas” or earthen pots of clay (plain or designer) when lit, perpetuates the aura with its exotic fragrance. Align them in a cluster or an array; you would always get fascinated by

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3.    Floating Candles – Floating Candles not just provide light or serve as a lovely décor accent for home but also imparts a breathtaking aroma to the space. One or more floating candles on living room mantelpiece, a coffee table, a bedside table or Pooja Shelf would suffice.

4.    Flower Arrangements – Flowers always serve as “secret ingredients” in Indian festive decorations. Whether as a bunch of closely tied florets in flower vases or as ornaments to decorative figurines, flowers rejuvenate the entire space with their exotic aroma. But besides all, a floret-bed with petals floating on the water surface would outdo anything.

5.    Rangoli/Alpana – Now here comes the most intrinsic thing that a festival can’t do without. Rangolis in various geometrical designs and vibrant colors introduce a spiritual ethnicity to any décor. Try “Alpana”- a Rangoli variation prevalent in West Bengal that apparently represents the artistic sensibilities of people of Bengal. Alpona is usually made with “khadi maati” at the entrance itself and also near the Pooja Mandir. 

6.    Marigold Garlands ( “Gende ka Fool”) – Nothing could create a better festive spirit than floral garlands. Adorn the deity idols with marigold garlands. Fresh smell of petals keeps the Mandir

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mesmerized and yellow colour imparts a spiritual theme to interiors.

7.    Upholstery/furnishings – You may want to upgrade your upholstery if it’s in your budget but if not, you can simply retouch your interiors by changing cushion covers, curtains, sheets and bedcovers. Poppy colors like red, yellow, green and blue accentuate the theme.

8.    LED Lights – LEDs are in trend. Of course, everybody uses the series bulbs. Get something out of the box. There are various LED Wall murals that come in different shapes of Goddess Durga sculpture or a Swastika.

9.    Pooja Crafts – And if you have time, you can create your own Wall Hangings and paper crafts and put these up on the walls during the five Pooja days. These crafts serve as perfect interior accessories that blend perfectly with the festive theme.

10.     Declutter – Lastly, once you are done with your best Pooja endeavors, it’s time to make sure your house is inviting enough for Goddess Durga. Rearrange the furniture. Even if you accessorize your interiors to maximum perfection, make sure that it’s not jam packed. There should be enough space to move around freely.

Also don’t forget to place two ghats with aam palavs( mango branch with five leaves) on the entrance which should remain there from the very first day till the dashami.

View puja room decor ideas of homeowners. Share your own home mandir decor photos. 

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