The Essence of Bathroom Suites

New Launches Dated:  Jan. 3, 2014
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When it comes to Innovation, Quality and Design, Hindware is the leader, and the backbone behind their success and glory is their continuous effort to give decisive impulse to both brand and markets. Very recently the company launched, AMORE a premium range of wellness collection for the connoisseurs of luxury and perfection, led by the promise of design originality and durability. In other words today, they are not just a brand but indeed a lifestyle that surely reflects your personality and a great taste. 

At the ACE TECH Delhi, 2013 they displayed some of their latest collection of bathroom suites. These include:-

  1. Atlanta:- Designed with extreme detail to class and poise, these bathroom suites are a delight to experience. Plush with smooth curves and neat lines, they will truly arouse your senses. 
  2. Berlin:- International appeal and warm comfort are the key attractions of this sprawling bathroom suite. A space efficient design gives you ample room to explore and laze around. 
  3. Modena:- Modern living demands modern designs. Inspired from the school of minimalism, this product range caters to your sophisticated design sense. 
  4. Twilight:- The essence of this bathroom suite is sheer class and stunning design. Sharp edges and smooth finish are the key distinctive attributes that will draw you to this beauty. 

So go ahead & choose a product that suits your style and personality.                                                                                          




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