Tips for Brightening up a Dark Room

Home Lighting Dated:  Nov. 18, 2014
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Brighten Dark Room, Design by: DePanache Interiors

Lighting is an important characteristic of any room, and if it feels too dark it can affect your mood making you feel low. You want your home to be a place where you can relax, but also feel motivated. Poorly lit rooms can bring you down. With a few small steps with focus on improving the lighting, you can transform a dark room into a brighter and more positive one. Dark wall colours accompanied by dark furniture and accessories can make a room feel dismal. You want to get the most out of every room. So, if there is a particular room that you use often then its important to think about what kind of lighting would improve it for your regular usage.

Bedside Lamp Design Idea by: Amit Khanna

Add Lamps in Shaded Areas

Lamps are conveniently portable so you can easily move them around the room and find where they are best suited. For example, a lamp is perfect on the bed side table for late night reading, or simply for the winter months to wake you up in the morning by simply turning over and switching them on! You may not just want to brighten up a section of the room, but the entire room itself. In this case, you will need a few more lamps in the corners of each room to brighten it all up. There is a huge variety of lamps on offer to you, be it ultra modern or classic antiques. Whichever one you choose you want to make sure it compliments the style of décor you wish to place it in. Go for big lamps to maximise the light in your room to lift it from dark and gloomy, to warm and bright.

Increase the Wattage of Bulbs

Overhead light should give the room instant brightness, reaching most corners. If you feel the overhead lighting is not doing justice then consider changing the bulbs, or increasing the wattage of the bulbs. If you don’t want the overhead light to be bright all the time as it can create a sterile lighting, then get dimmers fitted so then you can adjust the strength. Dimmers will help you accomplish the perfect mood lighting for whatever the occasion!

Bedroom Lighting & Lamps Design Idea by: Architects' Studio

Lighter Interior

If you’re unable to change the colour of the walls, and they’re a dark colour, then adjust your interior to compliment the walls. For example, in the bedroom, keep the bedding light and neutral colours such as white or cream, to help provide brightness and freshen up a dark room. Keep the light colour theme throughout in the lampshades, curtains or blinds and cushions. Make sure all the furniture in the room is white or cream, and use light oak furniture to help keep away from the doom and gloom.

Natural Light Design Idea by: Hameeda Sharma

Let the Light Pour in

The best source of light is sunlight. Let nature brighten up your room by lifting up the blinds and opening the curtains. If you’re concerned about lack of privacy with the exposure of opening the curtains or blinds, there are translucent curtains or blinds you can use to help this. You can still let in the lovely natural light, without giving up your privacy. Another great way of letting in sunlight is skylights. This works successfully in any room but especially small rooms or windowless bathrooms.

Sunlight Design Idea by:
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By brightening up a dark room you will discover how much you value the light, and you will feel more comfortable in your surroundings. Make sure you understand the function of each room and what you want to get out of it. With these answers as your base you can search for the perfect type of lighting to suit that particular room. A well-lit room improves your mood and creates a space that you can truly enjoy and relax in.

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