Quick Guide - Tips for Choosing and Buying Fine Art

Decor Accents Dated:  Dec. 28, 2015
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Painting Cosmos-02, Available at Du Coeur Art Gallery

Art has been humans' primary language  of communication even before letters and words took  birth. Since then it has been ever transforming, evolving  and diversifying.

One such branch of art is the fine arts which is ever evolving and embracing more and more forms, although paintings and sculpture remain the most prominent and sought after fine arts form.

Fine arts are  created to enjoy the pure aesthetic value it contains which most of the times have meanings that are beyond the power of the words to express.

How true is the discovery that  Earth without 'art' is just 'eh'. In this fast moving technology driven  world of ours, we are blessed to have such arts (and artists) which make us slow down the pace of our life and gaze at the simpler side of life.

To have one such piece of beauty at home is every art lover's  desire. But many of us find it difficult to choose the perfect one for our house.

Here's some tips for you if you are thinking of buying one for your house.

The art form you plan to have in your house should reflect your personality. In simpler words, you should  completely be in love with it. It sometimes so happens with us that we end up buying something merely because it has been talked about among the art lovers or because  it is  created by a well known artist. Yes, the artist does matter but if it is the only reason you are buying it, you might be making a mistake.

Also, before buying the original piece, it is recommended to ask for a print out or reproduction so that you can try placing it in your home and be sure of whether you actually want it or not.

Now that you know what to buy, the next question is where to get it.

Since we live in a very big planet and are not lucky enough to have everything we want right across the street, we do have to take some pain. Call your friends to go for a art hunt, roam around the city, contact your interior designer-there are so much you can do...

Still can't find your heart's desire? There's one thing you are missing out. Social media!!!

Social media is a vast virtual platform and there are many artists-veterans and  amateurs who sell their arts online. Go through the collection, its description and price, without making a haste. If you find it perfect virtually, have a real check. Always see the art, or rather feel the art in person before buying.

Moreover, you are lucky  if this idea of owning a painting or photography (or any of the fine arts product for that matter) has come to your mind at the time of moving to a new house since  you have the freedom to select  according to your likes and dislikes and does not have to see whether it matches well with the other elements in the room.

When a piece of art comes to your home, it deserves the best of attention and appreciation. It is necessary that the decor, the walls and everything you have in the room magnifies  the beauty of the art. One way to make it happen is that the art is selected first and then the decors.

Even though the art by itself can speak out its beauty, perfect walls and decors can make it more enchanting. Getting  the matching decor might seem like a tough task, but getting things that can compliment the art won't be that tough.

Go for large sized paintings or photography. The magnificence of an art is identified and applauded when it is large or enormous. Many a time, the minute, subtle detailing given by the artist go unnoticed because of the miniature size. Now, that will be probably the most unjust thing happening to  the art.

Now, your product is home, its' time to place it. Correct positioning is very crucial as it can add lot more to the beauty and meaning.

Bedroom Art workBedroom Art work
Image source: https://4a02fu2elp9v16e8t52qpe4q.wpengine.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/BedroomDecoratingIdeas01Artwork.jpg

In the above image, the painting (depicting the serenity in the nature) is hung at the perfect place. The bed right below the painting, partially done in blue,  looks as though floating in the calm water. Infact the entire room, has been given a tinge of blue to blend with the painting.

Paintings, photography  or any other fine arts product not only beautifies the walls, but if used creatively can also bind all the elements of the room together and weave a bigger story. This being said, it is not to be mistaken that only similar coloured decors or walls can do it. There is no hard and fast rule on using  colours  of your choice as long as you are able to bring out a sense of continuity.

The picture below is a perfect example.

Living Room wall artLiving Room wall art
Image Source: https://www.minamics.com/living-room-wall-art/

The colours in the painting are vibrant and bright whereas the walls and decors are of soft off- white shades which makes the art stand out. Also, the illusion in the painting is replicated by placing an anthurium plant next to it.

The next important thing is the effect of light. Many of us think of highlighting our priced possession  by pouring in extra light  either by fixing a spot light or placing it near  a source of  light. This does not always help you in highlighting and at times can even ruin the charm of the art.
There are paintings which looks better in the shade of the light. Therefore to bring the art into the limelight, it is sometimes better to keep it away from light.

Hope these minute yet critical tips will  help you get a perfect piece of art  to decorate your home.

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