7 Tips to create that sanctum for yoga in your home

DIY Interior Design & Decor Dated:  April 8, 2016
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yoga space in your house, Image Source: yogawiz.com

Yoga, the power drink for your body, mind and soul needs to be done in a space sacred and calm. While serene outdoor spaces are the best places to practice, not many of us living in the so called urban niches have great outdoors. The option then, many of us choose is to hit a yoga or meditation center. But isn’t our home good enough to provide a peaceful environment?  If you want to practice yoga in the comfort of your house, here are a few tips that can change your room/corner into a sanctum.

1. Choose a clutter free and clean space

For your soul to escape the chaos and disturbances, it is important that your eyes don’t see them either. Choose a room with little furniture and other elements that are overwhelming in their appearance - like a huge open book shelf, a desktop etc. If this is not possible, conceal them away from your direct sight.
Also, the room or corner you have selected should be dust and dirt free as you are going to breathe deep and relax. Get a quick mopping done if possible, each time.

Yoga Space at HomeYoga Space at Home
Image Source: yogajournal.com

2. Keep it ventilated

Breathing deep is one of the fundamentals and elementary parts of yoga. Needless to say, the room selected should be well ventilated to allow a lung full of fresh air (air outside is comparatively pure than the air inside). Use soft sheer curtains if the light and heat is more than what is needed.  

3. Disconnect from the world

Disconnecting from our own selves and the world around us is what help us to go for a spiritual fasting. Any electronic gadget that keeps beeping to share the news of the world around you is hence, the biggest distraction. Let the time be only yours. Never allow these devices to break your concentration.
Also, it is always better to meditate or practice yoga early morning when there is no one awake to disturb you.

4. Play the music

Definitely not the party or pub type. A soothing and melodious song or instrumentals can set the mood for a good meditation session. Now, we even have CDs  or cassettes mimicking various sounds of nature – like the chirps of the birds, water trickling down a hill and so on – things we miss real bad in this urban life.
Music is not a must–have essential for yoga, but can be a good addition for the ones who enjoy it a lot.

5. Include natural/soothing elements

If we can’t afford to go outdoors, bring them inside. A bunch of fresh flowers or potted plants or both will be a great addition to the setting diffusing fresh fragrance and positivity into the air. Alternatively or additionally, a couple of scented candles or heated up essential oils can be included to provide a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Yoga Space at home TipsYoga Space at home Tips
Image Source: www.yogajournal.com
Meditation at home TipsMeditation at home Tips
Image Source: www.erinpavlina.com

6. A spot to focus

Often, it is hard for us (the amateurs) to maintain the focus we have gained after a real struggle. A zillion of thoughts cross our minds, especially when we strive to keep our mind as empty as possible. An image or sculpture/ statue to focus on can help us a great deal maintain that voidness we have created.

meditation-roomMeditation Room
Image Source: www.spiritvoyage.com

7. Light it right

Yoga can be done anytime (the physical postures/ asanas how ever should be done on an empty stomach or atleast after two hours of eating). In the morning, the natural light pouring in through the windows are often sufficient to brighten up the space. But if you intend to do at night, it is better to have dim and warm lights instead of bright ones which we use for other activities. A dimmer switch can be installed to adjust the intensity of the night.

Take a deep breath and look around. You will realise that the real sacred place lies right in that corner of the house. Some tiny changes and you are ready to spread your yoga mat.

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