Make your Bedroom feel Larger than it actually is....

Bedroom Design & Decor Dated:  Aug. 20, 2015
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Bedroom Design Idea by Interior Designer: Rajni Patel

Time for some relaxation!!

After a stress full and tiring day, our bedroom is the place that provides us total relaxation and comfort. So it becomes extremely important for us to design it in such a way that it not only lulls us to sleep, but one can comfortably eat, read and make it a host for other things as well. Having a small bedroom is never an issue, it is the way you complement it with accessories that matters and makes it look larger. So, if you are a small bedroom owner, here are some ideas that will help you make it look more spacious and attractive.

Bedroom DecorBedroom Design Idea by Interior Designer: Abdul Sadique

De-clutter:- Look around your bedroom!! You will see many areas unnecessarily cluttered and many unessential things lying around. Remove them all!! Avoid using much furniture in your bedroom; it will only make it look more cramped. Remove large collections of personal stuff from your dressings and reading areas. This will not only create an illusion of space to your room but also make it look more graceful to the eyes.

Bedroom DesignBedroom Decorating Idea by Architect: Kuldeep Sharma

Utilize every space:- Be it a corner of your room or any cured area. Try utilising every part. You can create small reading area in such corners or even add wall shelves to that place. Besides adding these you can also install shallow wardrobes and give a cozy look to your place.

wood paneled bedroomwood paneled bedroom
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Bring in the right furniture:- Increase the floor foot-print of your room by getting in some wall hanging shelves. Curved furniture tends to eat up the flooring so try and get in a rectilinear one. If possible increase the space of your closet to keep more things out of sight. Keep in mind the size of your room while investing on a bed. Bringing in an oversized bed will immediately make your room look small so avoid such mistakes.

Bedroom Colour SchemeColour Scheme Bedroom Idea With White Wall & Dark Blue Bed Sheet
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The right colour choice:- By just choosing the right colours you can get a drastic change to your bedroom outlook. Dark colour paint on the walls will make your room look smaller therefore go for colours that add to the room space. If you so wish to use dark colours you can choose coloured bed-sheets, rugs and even curtains and your bedroom look less like a cave.

Tiny White Bedroom with Sheer CurtainsTiny White Bedroom with Sheer Curtains Design by Interior Designer: Deepa Raj

Some additional decorations:- Complement your walls with an oversized bright colour art piece which is the centre of attraction to the room. Use wall hanging lamps to add extra lighting. Add a fifth dimension to the room by tray ceilings and save your ceilings from being overlooked. Large mirrors that reflect large

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of the room can also make it feel more spacious.

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