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Wall Accents Dated:  March 3, 2014
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Accented walls are fast becoming the part and parcel of contemporary homes. Fact is that most households are going majorly for selecting an accented wall in their rooms and other spaces. The reason being; that they create an ambience and feel all of its own to the space where they are used and it very often enhances the beauty of that particular area. Yet, just like everything else that creates beauty; it has to be done carefully or you could just end up wasting your precious money and botching up the entire look and feel of the room.

Here are a few tips on creating wall accents:

1.    Consider the colors
If you are using warm colors like the reds and oranges then try picking a wall that is large and a little farther from the main area because the warm colors tend to give a rather narrow and closing look. For example if you select a side for accent and want to color it red it would make the room look narrow. So take a good look at the walls and their placing before you do the color selection. The lighter shades of blue and off white will always create a specious and cool look. These colors along with the green and purple tend to push the walls away from your eyes and give just the opposite effect as compared to the warm colors. Remember a short room can be made to look longer and a narrow room can be made to look wider, just by selecting the right color tone.

2.    Natural Light
The natural light has a lot of impact on the coloring of the walls of your household. You see the light entering your home from the east or north is cooler and the light that filters in from

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southern or western direction tends to be warmer. This is why you should chose warmly colored accent walls in the eastern and northern rooms while for the southern and western rooms the cool shades like the green and blue will provide the best option.

3.    Drapery, furnishing and planning
Even if you create the most dramatic look and bring huge changes in the touch and feel of the room; it will all go to waste if the wall is going to be covered by drapes or some piece of furnishing/s that will take up a large portion of the wall. At the same time you don’t really have to keep the accent wall completely bare as that too will look odd. Just make sure that you cover it in style and taste and leave enough of it exposed to make the desired impact.

4.    Special feature
When you are selecting a particular wall for accent paint, it is best to select the wall with a special feature in the room. For example it may be a wall where you are planning to hang the family portrait or some awards and prizes won by your children. You see the accent wall is

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the one that stands out and the one that people notice first of all. So if you are planning on using wall accents it would be a good idea to select it for a reason.


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