Too much work pressure? Your workplace Vastu might be the cause

Vastu Tips Dated:  Dec. 31, 2013
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Do you feel as if you are walking with a heavy load of work everyday? And feel as if you are trapped in a world of endless work pressure?

Well friends, there can be many psychological, mental or environmental sources of work pressure.So if you are looking for an answer to all these problems, and you desperately want to dig out the treasure box of happiness and joy, you can apply the following ideas to reduce your work pressure at your workplace. 

We will walk you through the world of Vastu and will try to solve your problem with this ancient method. 

Vastu tries to enhance the positive energy around you. Vastu is like meditation . The application of it, in your workplace can free the bounded and the stuck energy. When the trapped energy is released, it then flows within the environment, giving you a life of peace and enjoyment, resulting in a better place to work in. 

Some popular Vastu cure:-

  1. The most important thing of your workplace is the front door, as per Vastu guidelines there should not be any kind of obstacle in and around the main door of your office.It is often seen "a pile of files" lying dead just near the main door of an office, such disorderly arrangement can affect you in bringing in negative forces, thereby not giving you a proper platform to work in. 
  2. The direction you face while working is a matter of concern.
  3. Do not sit underneath any beam. If you have no option other than to sit under a beam cover up the beam with a cloth.  
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  5. If you are working on a very important project and you are very much surrounded by depression and confusions, in order to improve your performance you first shift yourself  in the western region and shift yourself to the southeast section.
  6. To create a situation of working in peace and harmony, place an aquarium in the northeast premises of your office.The result of this aquarium can be more effective when you have a black fish and nine other gold-fishes  in it. 
  7. As per the Vastu rules it is good to have a rectangular shape desk. The desk you work on is a vital factor which is directly related to your mental stress. If you overlook this small but strong Vastu principle you may be in a big trouble. 
  8. Always keep your place clutter free and try to light up the office  with cheerful color lamps/lights. 

Many a times you might have observed that in spite of putting all your hard work and effort, you are still unable to work properly and cannot reduce the load of work pressure. A proper set of Vastu guidelines can help you in this regard. With a little bit of change and modification in the arrangement of your building, you will soon notice significant changes in your lifestyle. 

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