Top five painting tips and tricks

DIY Interior Design & Decor Dated:  Jan. 22, 2014
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Painting is as crucial to home décor as breathing to our survival. No home décor or interior design is complete without a good dose of painting and priming. A good coat of paint can often bring a brand new look to any space or item. In India we have been rather slow on picking up the DIY (Do It Yourself) tips and most of us do not have any clue as to how we can take on this challenge on our own. Just imagine not having to bounce your creative ideas off that mule headed painter who just won’t listen to your suggestions and instructions. 
Here is what you need to do:

Prepare for painting:
Be it a wall or a piece of furniture, to prep it for painting you need to look for holes, dents and imperfections. Fill the holes and cracks with putty. You can use wood putty for the furniture and wooden items. Wait for it to dry and then lightly sand the patches. Make sure the surface is smooth before you pick up the paint brush. 
Always use a primer. It helps you hide dark colors and stains. It also enables the paint to last much longer. If you are planning to use painter’s tape to cover certain areas; make sure that you press the tape down firmly along the edges.

Painting tools:
It is best that you have the necessary tools lined up before you start: Putty, putty knife, sandpaper, a good supply of clean rags.
Next you will need Paint, stir stick, a roller tray, roller, roller cover and a roller extension pole. Ensure good quality brush. You can use a 2.5” angle brush for most painting projects and a 2” sash brush for windows. 

Choosing the paint:
Be clear about the effect

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want to achieve, because that will help you decide on the right type of paint. It is best to go for semi gloss for a trim, flat for rooms and eggshell for bathroom and kitchens. Although glossy finish is the most durable; the matt finish is better at hiding trouble areas. As for choosing the color it is best to try a few colors before you make the actual purchase. If you do not wish to try them out on the wall you can use a board of foam to see how the colors will play out.

Painting technique:
Always paint in long continuous strokes. When you are using a roller, go from the ceiling to the mid way point and then from the midway point to the floor. Keep a wet edge so you can paint from dry to wet. This minimizes the brush strokes and roller marks. Always wet your brush and blot out the excess before you start painting. Dip only half or quarter inch of your brush in paint and keep wiping it off on the edge of container. Start with the primer, then the first coat and then the final coat to

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the best looks. Finally, remember to clean your brushes and roller after each job.

What are you waiting for now? Go ahead and pick up the brush...!

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