Trends for your wooden patio, you just can't miss!!

Outdoors Dated:  June 11, 2014
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Wood is the most pliable and desirable material when it comes creating a patio. It is more so if you are fond of Nature and wish to bring it indoors. Wood happens to be a light material and is easy to use when compared to stone or bricks. Many people prefer the touch of wood as opposed to solid concrete walls and floors. Mostly the wood is catching on as a trend for the covering of the patio but increasingly it is being used for walls and flooring as well. The latest trend is to create an all wooden patio complete with floor boards and wooden rafters.


The latest in the wooden patio flooring trend are the wooden tiles that can be easily fitted and refitted or replaced. These come in various shapes, sizes and colors and can be fitted into any color or theme scheme. They are easy to use and you could easily renovate your old and aged patio flooring with the help of these much modern wooden tiles. They can be snapped into place rather easily and are just as easy to take out. You could also go for the innumerable choices in wooden logs and rafters but the tiles are really the in thing.


Wooden fence has long been part and parcel of the Patio. The contemporary trend is to keep the fence short and leave a large area open to let the outdoors in. Gone are the days of those long boarded up fence…The lattice work designs in the wood fences are to die for and have umpteen designs to suit each style and taste. You could even have it made to order and can easily fit it into the general scheme and theme of your dream home.


The completely covered Patios are not in vogue now, most

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are opting for an open look and the wood is used sparingly…Often leaving a good amount of open space to let in the Sun, moon and the stars. The market is awash with enough sturdy material to cover these up with fancy tarp or awnings. The idea is to have the best of both worlds.


Finally, here comes your Wooden Patio Furniture Plan! India’s cane and Rattan furniture has been famous all over the world and makes for ideal furniture for the patio as it tends to be lighter and takes lesser space. Bamboo and lighter wood types are the ones that go along well with the elements of Nature are the in thing this season. So go ahead and furnish your patio with wooden furniture.

It is certainly not surprising to see the wood catching on to the fancy of many nowadays. But, you must know beforehand that wood needs regular maintenance. It looks great and feels even greater but requires care. Termites are another threat to your dreams of a wooden patio, so make sure you buy an already treated wood or take care of it before you start using it. The Sun and the Wind can really wreak havoc

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your wooden patio so just make sure you have taken care of all these elements while erecting that lovely wooden patio that you always dreamed of…

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