7 Inspiring TV unit designs

Interior Design Ideas & Tips Dated:  Dec. 31, 2015
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LCD TV Unit Design Idea by Interior Design Firm InFORM Architects

We cannot imagine a living room without  a TV, can we? It is not only a utility but a fashion statement .And how can we imagine having a latest model LED without an apt TV unit to give a fitting background and support? This again is no more just a functional decor but a defining element of the room.

Have a look at the below given TV unit designs. Get mesmerised. Go ahead and create a masterpiece  for your masterpiece TV.

TV Unit Designs IndiaA stylish and sleek T V unit designed by Interior designer Sasimanojkumar Karpurapu

The LCD here got a deserving background. The  wood and white combination for the TV unit  looks like a perfect match for a sleek and edgy LCD. The floral wallpaper on one side and  matte finished grey walls behind  help a great deal in highlighting the TV unit. To bring in a sense of continuity, the wooden panel is extended to the adjacent wall providing for a tiny show case.

The TV, needless to say, highlighted by the wooden background, becomes the cynosure of this  living room.

Latest TV Unit DesignsAn elegant and classy T V unit designed by InFORM Architects

 One can go speechless while describing the scene above. The living room here is a masterpiece in every sense. The concept of slants and slopes used here makes this design extra ordinary. One thing that stands out is the way the T V unit is designed. The LCD or LED TV which we usually mount on the walls is given  a complete space for its own. The sophisticated slanting walls has carved out a niche for  this sleek LCD.

LCD TV Unit Design IdeasA modern living room by Anish Motwani Associates

The living room flaunts a unique and rich combination of brown and creamy white. The TV unit is given much importance making it a work of art. It looks as though the walls are mounted one over the other each time in a diminishing manner. First comes the common wall over which  comes the wall with a glossy  stone finish. The TV then  gets a secured and stylish place when framed in wood.

LCD TV Unit DesignTV unit of a master bedroom designed by Architects' Studio

Have you ever thought that the shades of grey could look this gorgeous?

The wall mounted LED flanked by grey metallic TV unit gives a sophisticated look to the master bedroom. The alignment of the unit along  brings out the drama in the room. The multi functional TV unit serving as a book shelf brings two completely different media of communication together.

LCD Unit Design IdeasTV unit designed by Interior Designer Sakshi Bhatia

A room furnished with such a TV unit hardly needs any thing more. The gorgeous dark brown wooden panel forming the background for the TV flanked by sandwich pillars makes a clean contrast to the walls.

LCD Unit DesignA master bedroom flaunting a stylish TV unit-design by Interior Design Firm Total Interiors Solutions Pvt Ltd

To  have a room like this will probably be every one's dream. The posh colours and patterns used in the room can envy anyone. The illuminated and textured walls makes the perfect background for the wall mounted TV.  To comply with the richness and to give a fine highlight, the TV is bordered by a stylish and sleek shelf.

LCD TV Unit Design IdeasA captivating scene of a TV unit area-designed by Interior Designer Dimple Kohli

The first striking element of this room is the brilliant use of colours. The ottomans and the TV unit done in black and white get a highlight with coloured background.

This kind of TV unit is the best option when you need style but are running short of space.

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