4 Types of Bathtubs to explore

Product Guide Dated:  July 27, 2016
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Bathtub Design

Bathtubs are the place you want to see yourself in before you crash out– taking a lazy dip in the scorching summers   or a warm soak to revive your dormant muscles in the winters. In short, having a bathtub can be your daily rejuvenator, irrespective of the season. Now, to get the appropriate bathtub for your bathroom, given the space, design and your requirements can be a tricky affair. So, here we are, to walk you through the different types of bathtubs and their pros and cons. 

Free Standing (claw foot model) – This type of bathtubs, as the name suggests, stands of its own, disconnected from the walls and the floors. . These are often one of the fittings that the house owners never get tired of bragging about.

Free Standing BathtubFree Standing Bathtub
Image Source: www.classicclawfoottubs.com

Pros - Since it stands aloof from the walls and the floor (on the claws), even the largest one can give an airy look to the space.
The designs, shapes and materials (including the claw foot) in which free standing bathtubs are available are plenty, probably more than for any other. Hence, to a land a perfect bathtub that goes with your style will not be much of a task.

Cons - Free standing bath tubs are good space eaters and are, in most of the cases expensive than drop in and alcoves model.  Exposed plumbing is another downside of free standing bathtubs. But, if you are willing to spend a bit more, you can get fancy plumbing fixtures good enough to be flaunted.

Drop in Tubs –These are another version of freestanding models in which the tub is placed right on the floors, either on a platform or directly fixed into the floors.

Bathtub DesignBathtub Design

Pros – The cons of the claw foot model is taken care of. The plumbing is concealed giving you a neat, trim look. Comes with rim and can be fitted as both an alcove (into the cavity) or a free stand.

Is comparatively deep than alcoves and hence are ideal for a soaking. Cleaning is easy as you have access from all the sides (except if you are opting for alcoves)

Cons - Installation is bit of a concern. Since it is fixed permanently to the floors, the floor may have to be reinforced too. 

Alcoves/Recessed – This kind of tub gets its name not for the model but for the location. Alcoves are placed in 3 sided wall cavity, leaving only one finished side for entrance.

Alcoves BathtubAlcoves Bathtub
Image Source: oppisop.com

Pros – Alcoves are savers – of money and space. They need hardly any extra space since they fit into the cavity which otherwise is left useless. It is easy to have a shower combined to this – an option not available with others.

Cons - Alcoves mostly come in rectangle as it has to be squeezed into the cavity. Hence, do not have any significant selection in shape or designs.

Corner Tubs – Those with very little space to provide for a bathtub and at the same time do not want to let go the fun of lying and cooling themselves, corner bathtub is a viable option. 

Corner BathtubCorner Bathtub
Image Source: http://www.signaturehardware.com/

Pros – Space saver, great and affordable option (in terms of space) to bath kids, in duos or trios (hence, time saver too!)

Cons - The tub fits into a corner which in most cases, denies to be spacious. This, however may not be the case, if you have large empty edges to accommodate a luxurious one. 

Hope, this article helps you narrow down your options and get you the perfect one for your bathroom. Make sure to get a bathroom specialist and carpenter before finalizing the choice to see if the option is feasible for your space and setting. 

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