6 Types of Ceiling Lights

Product Guide Dated:  May 24, 2016
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Chandeliers Light, Design by Ar. Chitra Tibrewal

We all agree that choosing the right lighting product for our house is not an easy job. Unlike a one size fits all dress, buying a dozen of identical lights for the entire house is not a sensible option.  Each room has a different purpose, and so is its appearance and ambience.

There are several types of ceiling lights, which is the most preferred lighting option amongst a majority of households. Below given are some of the major, classic kinds/types of ceiling lights, differing in functionality and aesthetics.

Chandeliers – These ornate lamps are a classic addition to give a royal look to any room. Once reserved only for the elite class, chandeliers are now an affordable lighting option for anyone looking to add a bit of that royalty. 

Chandeliers are mostly used as ambient lighting and hence are commonly used in entertainment and dining rooms where jolly gatherings happen.  

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Pendant Lamps – Pendant lamps are one of the most versatile of ceiling lights. These are hanging lights like chandeliers but mostly with a single lamp unit. There are down light pendant lamps that are used as task lights and inverted/up light pendant lamps with translucent shades that work perfectly for creating ambience, most of them being a piece of art themselves.  One of the commonly used pendant lamp varieties over the kitchen island is the multi light pendant or island lamp with a number of pendant lamps arranged in a line hanging from a single fixture. 

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Flush mount lamps – Flush mount lamps are least space consuming lamps (after recessed lights). The structure is compact and simple and the whole of the light sits mounted on the ceiling with no parts hanging in the air. Flush mount lamps are hence a perfect lighting option for low ceiling where hanging lamps look overboard and clumsy.

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Semi flush mount lamp – This, as the name suggests is a blend of a flush mount lamp and a pendant light. Semi flush mount lights hang at around 4 to 5 inches below the ceiling which achieves the look of a pendant lamp without taking much of the vertical space. 

Flush Mount Chandelier LightFlush Mount Chandelier Light
Image source: www.overstock.com

Track lighting – Not many of us have heard of track lighting. These are one of the new comers in the lighting solution with ‘flexibility in mounting’ as its main attraction. In this lighting method, any number of light fixtures can be attached to a continuous track device which contains electrical conductors. These can, not only be mounted on the ceilings, but also walls, rafters and beams, making it a great option for lighting up high ceiling and large places. Earlier, these were used with spotlights but now, the use and the structure of track lighting has evolved to fix many different types of lights.

track lighting bulbs and led track lightTrack lighting bulbs and led track light
Image Source: nudsgn.com

Recessed lights – Recessed lights are pure functional lights that are humble enough to hide itself completely in the ceiling. The lights are so embedded in the ceiling that the only part visible is the rim of the light that is leveled with the ceiling. 

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