5 Chandelier Types, Styles and Ideas

Home Lighting Dated:  Aug. 24, 2015
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Chandeliers Design Idea by Interior Designer: Dipen Gada

Chandeliers add an overall different look to the outlook of your interiors. Be it your living room, dining hall or bedroom chandeliers help in bringing out the best in every area available. There are a huge variety of these captivating luminaries and modern day chandeliers come in various shapes, sizes and designs. With a stupendous array of these beautiful modules it becomes really difficult to choose the right chandelier for the right place. Here are some of the trendy chandeliers for your interiors which will narrow down your choice and make it easier for you to decorate your place.

Crystal Chandeliers:-

Crystal Chandeliers                                      Crystal Chandeliers Design Idea by Interior Designer: Gaurav Arora

If in perfect harmony with the interiors, crystal chandeliers shine the best.  Every crystal of this chandelier is known to reflect all the light falling on them and therefore giving the interiors a decorative and romantic appearance. These lights have a conventional and alluring look that is very appealing to the eyes. Though a real crystal chandelier is a pricey affair it will make your room shine like it had never before!!

Rustic Chandeliers:-

Rustic ChandeliersRustic Chandeliers
Image source: https://www.worob.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Rustic-Bedroom-Inside-Ideas-Classic-Chwithelier-Magenta-Rug-Magenta-Armchair-Brown-Pillow-Pale-Wooden-Color-Paint-Bed-Frame-Wooden-Floor.jpg

If you wish to give a casual touch to your décor the best type of chandeliers to be used are rustic chandeliers. The basic concept of a rustic chandelier is to use plants, branches, animal horns and distressed materials. Rustic lights give your interiors a more antique look and also make them feel alive.

Contemporary Chandeliers:-

Contemporary ChandeliersContemporary Chandeliers Design Idea by Interior Designer: Vallabai Arunachlam

Contemporary chandeliers are the sleekest designed. They have clean lines and are generally made up of metal. These lights have very less detailing and give a very simple and elegant look to your interiors. Contemporary chandeliers come in various designs and some of them are very differently featured. If you wish to design a spacious room with a tinge of beautiful lightning to your room you can surely go for these chandeliers.

Drum Chandeliers

Drum ChandeliersDrum Chandeliers Design Idea by Architect: Katerina Kozorezova

A drum chandelier features one or multiple lampshades. These chandeliers often resemble a pendant light and therefore have multiple uses. Every light of this chandelier is covered with a lampshade and the colour of the lampshade gives a distinct lightning to the room.

Transitional Chandeliers

Transitional Chandeliers                                                            Transitional Chandeliers Design Idea by Interior Designer: Mudit Surana

Transitional chandeliers come somewhere between traditional and contemporary chandeliers. They are neither too detailed nor too sleek. If you wish to give your interior a moderate look with a touch of sleekness and with traditional shapes you can go for transitional chandeliers. This kind of lighting is adaptable in

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type of area and will go well with every style of interior designing.

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