7 Types of Living room themes

Living Room Design & Decor Dated:  Aug. 3, 2016
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Alibaug Bungalow by Architect Harshad Dongre

Living room, lounge room or sitting room is a space in a residence for relaxing and socializing. It’s also a room for entertaining the guests. It is generally the first thing that one sees after entering a house through a small foyer. Therefore, it is reasonable to say that a living room defines the entire house. Most guests anyway won’t enter into private rooms in the house. This is a semi-private space. For all this reason, everyone likes to decorate the living room in all the choicest items. This space directly reflects the personality of the house and the people who live there. 

Here are some themes for living rooms that one can try-

  • Traditional style
Traditional SeatingTraditional Seating
Image Source: www.houzz.com

Traditional seating involves sitting on the floor over a mattress. One can play with bright colors of mattresses, cushions, rugs, runners, carpets, curtains for a traditional style living room.

  • Royal style
Lavish royal style furnishingsLavish royal style furnishings
Image Source: www.thedesignlobby.com

Think of vintage furniture, ornamentation and all sorts of luxury. A majestic looking space with elegant color combinations involving gold, burgundy, cream and even purple, blue and green is what it needs for a royal appeal. 

  • Bohemian style
Bohemian Style Living RoomBohemian Style Living Room
Image Source: www.decoist.com

Wide variety for floral, Aztec and geometrical prints. A huge couch with vibrant cushions, colorful lanterns, clashing of prints and textures are some features of a bohemian living room. 

  • Pop art
Pop Art Living Room DesignPop Art Living Room Design
Image Source: www.avso.org

Think of a space that resembles a brightly colored comic book! This jazzy, retro, pop art theme essentially involves color blocking and less of intricate prints and textures. Each element or some elements literally stand out or pop out making it look unique. Bright neon colors would look the best in this theme.

  • Modern minimalistic style
Private Residence by PWA Architects at Colombo, Sri LankaPrivate Residence by PWA Architects at Colombo, Sri Lanka

Sleek, neutral looking furniture that mingles with the space well. Less ornamentation or playing with textures. Just bare essentials, and you have a much sorted, minimalistic space. 

  • Japanese style
Japanese Style Living RoomJapanese Style Living Room
Image Source: homedesignlover.com

A traditional Japanese living room is where there is a mat on the floor over which there is a low heighted center table. People sit on that mat, around the table to face each other. This again is an example of a sleek, minimalistic space. The Japanese generally don’t use a lot of heavy, bulky furniture. 

  • Eclectic style 
A fusion of everythingA fusion of everything
Alibaug Bungalow by Architect Harshad Dongre

A hint of personalization should be there in every design. Eclecticism is the elegant fusion of all sorts of themes. A beautiful balance of traditionalism with modernity, minimalism with intricacy and neutrality with vibrancy exists by personalizing the space as per our convenience and taste. There are no rules for eclecticism but we adopt anything and everything that appeals to our eyes.


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