Know your rug: Traditional, Contemporary and Transitional

Home Furnishings Dated:  Oct. 7, 2015
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Kumasi Hand-tufted Traditional Pattern Rugs

A rug serves as an anchor to the room. Choosing the right style for yourself is the key. There are three main design categories in rugs; Traditional, Contemporary and Transitional. But what comes to mind when you imagine a traditional rug? What about a contemporary or transitional rug. We’re going to lay out the major differences between them. You may find it helpful when you begin to shop for rugs for your home.

Traditional Rugs

Traditional rugs are modern-day representations of time-honored European and Asian patterns, representing the culture and the story of history. The centuries old patterns and designs add a touch of richness and elegance to any room. They typically have complex, intricate patterns in earthy tones;  floral, borders, and central medallions in shapes like diamonds, octagons, and hexagons. Often considered formal, they create a perfect fusion when used in a casual home setting. Traditional design is featured in popular rugs styles like kilims and dhurries.

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Contemporary Rugs

Considered modern art for the floor, contemporary rugs are the ideal addition to architectural space. They often blend bold design and unusual design elements. Stark contrasts, interesting free form style elements and intriguing color combinations are generally used. It is an epitome of modern décor.

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Transitional Rugs

Transitional rugs are a perfect combination between traditional and contemporary, blending  components of each style. It intents to provide the elegance and charm of a traditional pattern with a little less ‘formality’. It often features repeating design elements in an allover pattern, whether classic designs like floral and medallions to modern, geometric. Contrast is the key, for example, traditional, classic designs in modern colors like gray or mauve and vice a verse. It is the most popular design as it complements a wide variety of décor styles.

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