10 Unconventional Gardening tips

Green Homes Dated:  Dec. 8, 2015
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Unconventional Gardening

Gardening can be one of the best recreational activities  when you are trying hard to kill time.  Playing with soil can rejuvenate us from within and can be a real stress buster, reveals a survey. Leaving alone the scientific facts,gardening can be real fun if you know the dos' and don'ts'. Most importantly you can be the proud owner of a mini organic farm that produces fresh and healthy veggies or a beautiful floral bed. 

 Here are some easy yet unconventional tips for those with a green thumb which will be helpful to the amateurs as well.

1. Honour the light requirements  of the plants:

Basic Gardening tipsBasic Gardening tips
Source: mydecorative.com

The first and the foremost tip is to make sure that the spot you have selected for growing a  particular plant gets enough sunlight. Some plants love shade while most others require full sunlight (5-6 hours per day). It is also important to know whether the soil you have in your garden is appropriate for growing that particular plant.

2. Keep plants alive when you are away:

Gardening Tips
Gardening Tips
Source: houselogic.com

Its  painful to see our plants go dry when we are away on holidays. A lot of time we assign this task to our neighbours who, most of the time, are sweet enough to do it. But  what if there is no one to take care of your plants you love so much? Here's a simple trick to make you self sufficient at that.

Place a jar full of water next to the plant. Insert one end of a cotton wick or a long piece of cotton cloth rolled to make a rope  like structure and the other end into the soil. The moist cloth will the keep the  soil moist  until the jar is completely empty. As simple as that !! So, next time, be rest assured when we are out on vacation with this simple set up doing your job back at home.

3. Cinnamon as an anti-fungal agent:

Cinnamon as an antiafungal agentCinnamon as an antiafungal agent
Source: myfirstvegetablegardengp.blogspot.in

One of the major problems that deter us from gardening is the past experience we have of fungal infestation on our plants. Right from the sowing of seeds we pour in so much of love and attention in growing the plant. Yet, at some point, we could see these fungal growth ruining the saplings.

A great way to keep the fungi at bay is to sprinkle cinnamon on the top of the soil.Its not just us, humans, who are fond of that cinnamon flavour; soils  love them too!!

4. Keep your gardening tools rust free:

Keep your gardening tools rust free
gardening tools
Source: lockerdome.com

One of the easiest and cheapest way of keeping your gardening tools rust free is to keep them in a bucket of builder's soil.

5. Plant to repel mosquito:

citronella plantCitronella plant
Source: searchhomeremedy.com

Plants like citronella geranium can act as wonderful mosquito repellent beside beautifying your garden. This plant (also known as 'mosquito plant')bears a lavender coloured flower and has a pleasing citrous fragrance- making it one among the gardener's favourite.
Plant this highly useful plant and leave the rest  to them-they will fight the mosquitoes  for you.

6. Hanging flower pots:

Hanging flower potHanging flower pot
Source: sadieseasongoods.com

 Recycling household items is  a sustainable idea but reusing them is even better. There's a lot you can do with those discarded kitchen utensils instead of giving it away for recycling. For instance, use the old colander as hanging flower pots and look what good use you have put it to. You can also get a bit creative and paint it to give the desired look -to go perfect with your walls.  Any other used cans or cups can be used in similar manner to grow saplings. These saplings can be replanted  into the ground later if necessary.

7. Make a healthy nutrient mix for soil:

healthy nutrient mix for soilhealthy nutrient mix for soil
Source: gardenware.com.au

Ever thought that  expired or coffee grounds could be of any use? Leftover coffee grounds can be one of the cheapest and effective method of nourishing your soil devoid of nitrogen. While this does not instantly increase the nitrogen level, it helps in aeration, water retention and helps the microorganisms to thrive which indirectly  boosts the production of nitrogen.

8. Stones as markers:

Stones as markersStones as markers
Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/229050331018765597/

Kids love playing with mud and dirt. And as parents ,you are concerned  of their health and hygiene and at same time you fail to deter them from getting dirty. One of the fun ways to keep them engaged at the same time close to nature is to let them make cool vegetable markers of stones right from your garden. Paint the stones and make markers for the sapling you have sowed which you find   hard to recognise.

9. Scare away the animals:

backyard kitchen gardenBackyard kitchen garden
Source: maydreamsgardens.com

 Rabbits, squirrels and other rodents can be a real menace at your backyard kitchen garden. Erecting scarecrows will be a little impractical for such small plants, but there has to be a way out.
Inserting plastic forks can scare away the animals  easily from the garden. Definitely one of the cheapest ways !
10. Weed out those weeds:

Gardening TipsGardening Tips
Source: modernstead.com

Weeds can ruin the fun of gardening altogether.Once  weeds infest the garden, the plants has to compete with them to gain nutrients from the soil, often  resulting in stunt growth. One of the best methods to get rid of the weeds is to cover the area with newspaper sheet and top it with a heavy layer of mulch. Many doubt that this will not allow proper  aeration of the soil, which is not the case.  This method will not only keep the weeds at bay but also add fertility to the soil and  keep the soil moist.

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