5 Quick Basic Tips on Unfinished Basement Design

Basement Design & Decor Dated:  Feb. 19, 2016
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Basement Design Tip, Source: swarta.com

From the age of our Neanderthal forefathers or even before that, man has come up with ideas to shelter himself in caves or similar primitive settlement. Even the tiny rodents and reptiles carve out a niche for themselves by digging burrows deep into the soil. Then why is that, we, the so called advanced species, are often late in realising and understanding the simpler ways of existence and survival? 

As the saying goes 'necessity is the mother of invention', may be it took the non availability of space to realise the potential of basement areas as alternate or additional shelter space.

When going vertically up with a building ceases to be an option, basement area comes to the rescue. A basement or cellar is one or more floors of a building that are either completely or partially below the ground floor. These underground spaces stand amazing options for any room, when created in a proper manner taking care of the specifications.

Talking about basement, utmost care has to be taken while constructing and furnishing the space. It is harder to rectify structural errors underground than on the grounds. This however, should in noway pose a deterrent for building downwards. Moreover, basement settlements are considered to be 10% more energy efficient than the ones on the ground as soil is an excellent insulator maintaining an average temperature regardless of how cool or hot it is outside.

If you think basements are worthy spaces for a secondary or an extended home, here are a few (not all) tips that will make the basement finishing a lot safer and better.

Natural light

One major concern about basement is the availability of natural light. While the space can be well lit with artificial ones, a natural source is always needed to make the room look connected to the environment. Therefore, it is always better to have large window wells(wherever possible). Design the space by the window that needs natural light the most. Apart from brightening the space, these are also life saving emergency exits needed especially when it a basement design.

Basement Design TipBasement Design Tip
Image Source: www.wisegeek.org

Height of the basement

Whether it is a complete house that will be repeated underground or a particular functional unit, height at which the ceiling is to be fixed should be decided first. For example, a home gym is one of the rooms that is preferred underground. To decide on what height the ceiling will be done, consider your height(or of the tallest person in the family who will be using the gym), the height to which you will bounce when you are working out and plan the ceiling height accordingly.

Waterproofing the floors

Basement settlements often face the problem of inefficient draining system leading to flooding. The plight can be improved with having a floor drain installed that directs the water directly into a pit. If it is inevitable to have the floor wet,  choose a material for the floor that will withstand the effect of water. 

Drop Ceiling

Drop/ suspended ceilings are the best options for a basement as they easily conceal the wire and ductworks and accessible for repair works. These, apart from giving a gorgeous look to the ceilings also act as insulators and provide with sound proofing.

Unfinished Basements DesignUnfinished Basements Design
Image Source: www.totalbasementfinishing.ca


With basement, we like to keep it simple and focus more on utility than aesthetics. Instead of large chandeliers and pendant lamps that eat up a lot of aerial space, recess lights can be used, that with drop ceiling come easy on installation.

These are, as mentioned, a few basic tips to keep in mind. Consult a basement design expert for more expert suggestions if you wish to turn your basement a liveable space.

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