6 Amazing Ideas That Will Make Your House Awesome

Decor Tips Dated:  July 4, 2016
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Admittedly, we can't help but drool over the idea of a dream home. Of course, what's not to love living in an impressive home? Right? We all probably have a brilliant idea for creating a unique and cool interior design.  But let's face it, some interior design ideas are grand and expensive installations, which may be difficult to achieve especially homeowners who do not have the money to spare. From unique home accent to cleverly designed furnishings, you can still achieve such without worry too much on its cost.

But designing your home can also be challenging and frustrating. You do not just decorate your home with anything you want. Being clever in doing the DIY tricks can be a big factor to achieve the outcome that you definitely need.

1. The hidden bookcase conceals any room in your home

Hidden BookcaseHidden Bookcase
Image Source: contemporist.com

An excellent way to give life to your bookshelf is to give it some twist. Nobody will notice that a typical bookshelf is a passage to one of your rooms. This design is ideal especially when you want to have some privacy.

2. Hobbit doors outlet wall plug cover

Plug CoverPlug Cover
Image Source: diyselfies.com


Outlets at home are important, but it is also undeniably dangerous especially when you have kids at home. However, you can avoid any accidents when you turn your ordinary outlet into a hobbit doors design cover.  It is not just for safety purposes, but it also adds beauty to the interior design of your home.

3. Surface Collective wall decals and stickers

Wall Decal Wall Decal

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Painting your wall with your favorite color is definitely not enough. To give life to your empty and dull wall, you can revive it with surface collective wall decals and stickers. Perhaps, you can go on stylish wallpaper and stickers.

4. Under stairs storage

Stairs StorageStairs Storage
Image Source: joat-london.co.uk

Stairs are a common feature in our home.  And if you are saving space, then the area under your stairs is an ideal spot for storage. Perhaps, you can install different layers or cabinets underneath the stairs. Of course, that depends on what you have in mind.

5. The aquarium sink

Aquarium SinkAquarium Sink
Image Source: opulentitems.com

Have you ever seen an aquarium sink? Then this is the time for you to make one at home. Having an aquarium sink is an ideal design especially for homeowners who love to have fish as their pets. Well, a typical aquarium is too cliché. 

6. The "Slide To Unlock" doormat

Image Source: dailyslack.com

Aside from your "WELCOME" rug placed on your front door, having a "Slide To Unlock" doormat is another way to give humor to the person who wants to enter your home/room. This design is ideal for homes with sliding doors. 

See? Having a unique and cool interior design don't need to be expensive. These designs may be simple, but it all gives your home a newer and fresher look than before. Isn't it wonderful having these kinds of interior designs in your home?

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