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Wall Accents Dated:  Jan. 29, 2014
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Wall Decor Design Idea by Architect: Anil Laul

No matter where you go; you see houses all around you, but what really makes one house different than the other. The difference very often lies in the unique manner in which one house differs from the other in its interiors. A lot has changed in wall décor over the years and the ways of making your walls unique too have changed quite drastically. 
Here are a few unique ideas:

1.    Lit up canvas wall decor:
This one is unique and works like a charm. You can also experiment with it and create numerous designs. All you need is a good solid canvas. Now, get some good designs of decals or stickers and place them on the canvas. Paint the canvas to the color of your liking and then remove the decals or stickers. You would have created a nice wall hanging but we are not stopping here. To make it even more striking you can hang some Diwali lights at the back of the canvas and make it come alive. 

Market PlacePainting Design by: VV Swamy Arts

2.    Tapestry wall hanging:
Tapestries cannot only be made at home, they can also be ordered. You could buy them on silk, wool or cotton. The ones in Kashmir and the hill areas often weave an entire story in their tapestries. You will have to keep in mind the personality and style of the person that you are buying them for and depending on the choice you could go for a number of options ranging from a Budhist Mandala to a Punjabi village Phulkari. What can make it unique is if you could add some personal text or message to it.

Living Room Wall ArtLiving Room Wall Art Design by: Dimple Kohli

3.    Wall panels:

Berger Silk Luxury Emulsion Scratch-resistant, Bio-resistant Paint
Berger Silk Luxury Emulsion Scratch-resistant, Bio-resistant Paint
Berger Silk Designzz
item for wall décor are the wall panels which are so in vogue currently. Though they are not very common yet and I wonder why. You see all you need is a wooden frame of the size that would go well with your wall. Now simply chose a fabric and design of your choice. I find brocade and self printed cloth to be an ideal choice. The panels could be made entirely of wood, fabric or even wrought iron. It depends on individual choice. They are usually placed in a group of threes and look awesome if done tastefully.

wooden mural_reflectionwooden mural reflection design idea by: Anil Laul

4.    Mirror garlands:
Bet you’ve never heard of this one. All you need is a rod or a support of some kind along with a garland of small colorful or plain mirrors. Just drape them around any kind of support and see how they decorate your walls. If you wish to add some extra zing and oomph you could throw in some lighting and the effect will be absolutely magical. 

The MirrorMirror Design Idea by: Chitra Tibrewal

Once you open your mind to a variety

Wall Decor The Tree
Wall Decor Sunburst
Wall Decor Stratum
options you can come up with hundreds of ideas. Ranging from painted grills to paper or metal flower cut outs. The main idea is to carry it out tastefully and creatively. If placed intelligently, even a few pebbles from the river shore or some dried up old tree branch can turn into a beautifully unique wall decor idea.

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