5 Furniture Items you can have for a Change

Furniture Dated:  Feb. 24, 2016
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Montana Luxury Wood Stool by The Rug Republic

A lot of thinking goes in while selecting a piece of furniture. It has to look good,feel good and stay good. Sometimes ,we incline more to the ' look'  coefficient that we end up buying things which  might not prove to be  comfortable. And at times, it happens the other way round.

Since this keep happening, why not try the untried and get a new experience instead of going for the same style.

1. Bean bag

We all  might have  wondered why a bean bag is called so. Shape could never be the reason  since it will be the last one to resemble a bean. It will be surprising to many of us to know that its because of the material stuffed inside that it got the name-Bean bag. Yes, dried bean, rice and other natural fillers were used to fill the bag initially!! However, now they are filled with synthetic fillers that are considered beneficial to health.

Leaving aside the health benefits,these are  affordable ergonomic furniture. The super soft filling inside provides a comfortable  experience, relaxing your strained muscles.Plus, these come in a wide range of colours and designs that there  will hardly be any chance that you don't find one that suits your taste.

Bean bagBean bag
Excel mudha sofa xxxl cover only without beans
Buy: https://www.zingyhomes.com/products/excel-mudha-sofa-xxxl-cover-only-without-beans/B00WM72R1E/

2. Ottoman

Ottoman is another not so commonly used piece of furniture. It is an upholstered seat without a head and back.  This is  so stuffed/cushioned that hardly any bone i.e, the wood is visible.  The uses of an Ottoman are plenty.  With the style and the look it flaunts, these are perfect seating arrangement for any  room in the house-be it for the living room.  Bedroom or the dining room.  Ottoman coffee tables are also a perfect pick as teapoy to couple with the couches.  Hollow from inside, these can also be excellent storage space too.

Ottoman coffee tableOttoman coffee table Design by Architecture firm InFORM Architects

Try replacing those boring sofas with Ottoman seats for a change.  The look and  feel your room gets will leave you in awe.

3. Bench

Benches remind us of the good old days of our childhood-the carefree and funfilled phase of our life. Oh, how we miss those days! Why not bring  such little nostalgic elements -right to our home.

Benches, at home ? Yes, you heard  it right -Benches for the dining table. The usual boring look of a formal dining arrangement can be turned into a more playful one. Either have a complete bench seating arrangement or mix it with the usual table -chair combination - this dining space  is going to bring back the memories of those happy days.

Image source: www.landscapeelms.com

4. Hammock

There can't be a better option to relax than swaying on the hammock, reading your favourite novel or  listening to the melodies of the yesteryears.  This, some might feel, is a scene one can see at the sea shore or the lawn in front of your house.  True as it is, these hammocks can also be brought into the room. Creating an ambience in your bedroom like the one outdoor won't be a tough job, you see! To make it more realistic, make space for some potted plants and there you go! The feel of the sea shore right in your den.

Image source: theultimatehang.com

5. Chaise longue

What about a chaise longue ? Well, the name might sound unfamiliar to many of us.  This is nothing  but  a blend of  chair and a daybed which is believed to be originated in Egypt. It is basically an upholstered sofa which is long enough to support your legs. It usually has arm rest at one end, on one side. This makes it a perfect solution for many of us who love to have a quick nap after that sumptuous lunch.

Now if  you are   wondering whether  a Chaise Longue would be an ideal pick for the living room, given that it is essentially a daybed too, a look at the wide ranging styles and design is all you need.  The next thing you will probably be doing is to find a place to move you current couch to welcome this awesome newcomer.

The  silver chaise longue  shown below will be a perfect pick for the one would love to give a touch of royalty to their modern home.

Chaise longueChaise longue
Image source: www.hampshirebarninteriors.co.uk

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