Using Real Life and Artificial Flora and Fauna inside a Home

Opinions Dated:  Feb. 27, 2015
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People have been trying to get in touch with their inner wilderness and get close to the nature ever since our cities are turning into concrete jungle. The increasing use of real life flora and foliage to get a more natural experience in ones house has enabled interior designers to come up with ideas which give a more natural ambiance.

As we are slowly losing our grip of nature people are constantly looking for alternatives to get back to nature in some or the other way. Flora is a natural beauty and green is the symbol of life. It brings freshness in the atmosphere and also reduces stress. In our office itself, we felt a lot of difference after bringing natural elements such as flowers and water elements inside the workplace and in the exteriors as well.

One can have a striking makeover by judiciously using real and artificial flora and foliage at home. If you are planning to do a makeover, here are a few tips which can help:

inside planter

  • Kind of plants to be kept should be decided according to the cardinal direction of the place, e.g: In the North facing area, we should have shade-plants like, Ficus or Ferns. In South and East directions, small plants like Chinese Evergreen or Grape Ivy can be planted and in the west, we should use seasonal or dessert plants such as – Cactus, Iris flower or spider plant.
  • For those who have a house facing the East and receive limited natural light, they can have plants that require low light, such as - pothos, philodendron and snake tongue.
  • Creepers are the best for inside, since creepers are a group of plants or vines which need support of some kind, creepers grow vertically so they are great space savers and
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    useful to cover walls or fence.
  • Use money plant in the courtyards as it’s a low maintenance plant. It is an all season plant and does not get affected by any change in the temperature or weather.
  • Create theme based natural interiors. It looks fabulous.
  • You can also use artificial light to help your plants. In fact, low-light foliage plants, such as - pothos and peace lily, can grow quite nicely in windowless offices with enough artificial light. Some of the lights  which are used for different purpose are:
    • Blue wavelength light for foliage growth.
    • Red wavelength light for flowering and fruiting.
    • Plants have little use for green wavelengths and reflect them back, which is why leaves appear green.


If a home doesn’t receive enough natural light or the residents get affected by allergens produced by live plants or watering the plants regularly is a problem, then artificial plants and flowers are the best alternative. Now a day’s one can get natural looking artificial plants easily, of course, we should only buy the ones which really look very natural and of are high quality. These artificial plants will make the interiors vibrant and beautiful.


Artificial Grass / Artificial Turf
Flora Vine Wall Decal ( KC072 )
houseplants is a great method of adapting to the low-light issue and can still allow enjoying a bevy of greenery. While planning to do decor with artificial foliage, one can consider the below tips:

  • While going to shop artificial plants click images of the real ones on your phone and take them along. Compare the leaves, petals, stems, etc as minutely as possible. Some plants look great on the top but when you inspect the stems, they have very obvious plastic appearance or the plastic sleeves. So, be careful while buying.
  • Material Selection: Artificial flowers come in different materials. Some of the most realistic ones have petals made with foam. Not only do they look real, but they feel real too.
  • Fake cacti and succulents are a wonderful option because the real version of these plants has a plastic-like aesthetic.
  • To make it look more natural, one can add little touches of realness at the base of the stems and even adding some soil in the pot gives that feel. Buy or make arrangements that look natural e.g. - by adding layers of sand or soil and rocks as fillers in the pot. Also, the combination of the sand and rocks keep the stem firmly planted, so you don’t need to use Styrofoam.
  • Beware of arrangements with boxwood-type plants. Use actual pots and planters.
  • Alternate your arrangements   and place them in different areas of the room. If you’re concerned about guests in your home noticing the same vase of flowers week after week, rotate them.
  • Clean your fake arrangements regularly.

Artificial Flora and Fauna inside a Home

The best way to learn is to visit a florist and see how they combine different foliage with flowers. This would help you to get great insights. By creating a green feel inside your home you can completely change the energy balance of your house and it will surely keep you close to the nature.

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