Vaastu and Feng Shui Tips for a Positive Home

Vastu Tips Dated:  Feb. 24, 2014
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Photo Credit: Abhishek Chadha

Are you having problems within your family? Are money matters are bothering you every now and then? Are your loved ones falling sick often? It might be time to redo your Vaastu or to redirect the orientation of Chi (flow of energy) in your dream home. A few basic changes will help you to get back the peace and positivity in your home.


De-clutter: Remove all the mess in your home. De-cluttering your house channels positivity into your home. The entrance of your house shouldn’t be cluttered with shoes and slippers. The principle of Feng Shui believes that Chi rides with wind. The presence of footwear at the entrance of the house brings in negative energy with the smell into your house and people in your home will be more likely to fall sick.

Commonly made mistakes in bedroom decor:
•    Vaastu and Feng Shui both strongly advocate that one should never have mirrors opposite to one’s bed. It is believed that having mirrors opposite to one’s bed brings in negative energy, bad dreams and marital discord. Mirrors should be placed in a strategic location in the bedroom so that no part of the sleeper’s body is reflected when he/she is resting.
•    There should be solid wall behind your bed in your bedroom. A solid wall ensures good rest and that you wake up well-rested and refreshed.

Flower arrangements around your home: A flower vase placed in the center of your hallway ensures the inflow of positive energies. A water bowl (filled with flowers or lemons) kept facing the main door is compared auspicious as the inflow of water signifies the inflow of wealth.

Place a Fish Aquarium inside the house on the North/South-East or South-West corner of your hallway, which is a major source

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attract peace and prosperity at home. Always follow Vaastu guidelines for the selection of the proper direction to place the fish aquarium, as a properly faced fish aquarium can bring peace and prosperity, whereas the opposite can wield sickness and negativity.

A mirror facing the main door is prohibited for the reason that it reflects all the good energy about to enter the home, away from it.

Burn incense sticks in your house regularly, especially in the corners near your entrance to eradicate the negativity stuck in your house.

Make sure that your refrigerator, washing machine or wash basin is not placed opposite to your stove in the kitchen. The reason being that the fire and water elements of the Feng Shui might clash causing discord in the family.

If a young member of the family falls sick often, place a six rod metal wind-chime in his/her room. You will see positive results.

The plants to avoid are cactus, rubber plants and milk producing plants inside the house as these act as a hindrance on the positive energy entering the house.

To implement Vaastu effectively in your home, you must know the fundamentals on which Vaastu Shaastra is based. Air, Water, Space and Fire are

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four components by which life is sustained on the Earth. The harmonious coexistence of these components helps you to achieve prosperity and happiness in your home. Lastly, keep your heart clean and full of positivity. Inner peace within you attracts positivity and happiness towards your home. 


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