Vastu and modern interior designing

Vastu Tips Dated:  Jan. 2, 2014
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Interior designing has become an important aspect of modernization.A beautiful house with proper interiors is always appreciated, but when interior designing is accompanied by the magic of Vastu principles it helps you to receive and release positive energy into your dwelling place.


Vastu carries all the wisdom of bliss,rightful living and the positive forces which nullifies the negativity in human life.

Vastu shastra (vastu veda) addresses the "science of  proper direction or  building" in an ancient philosophical system or system of beliefs, which depicts how the cosmos affects human culture. 

Importance of direction:- A better house design is not only meant to have proper placement of every objects but also to provide a comfortable living which gives sound health condition along with  wealth and prosperity.

Followers of Vastu believe that:-

  • If the construction of your house is not according to the precept of Vastu then the major demand of attaining stability of mind may be baffled.
  • The activity of a person will not be harmonious, leading to disorder in life  and anger.
  • There will be a negative impact in Financial conditions.
  • There could be a deficiency in educational progress for children.
  • A builder can construct a house but cannot ensure a happy life to the people residing in that house. Vastu claims to assure a happy life to people staying in a house build around principles of Vastu.
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Some key principles of Vastu:-

  • Vastu brings "happiness to a home" which eventually gets distributed in the society and finally to the world.
  • Enlightenment of Vedic knowledge  is considered to be the divine knowledge which bestows from the cosmos to the house where Vastu principles are followed.
  • Vastu helps in the economic growth of a business.
  • Direction always plays a very important role in Vastu, so proper knowledge of Vastu can help you in setting up a home is protected by Vastu principles.

These tips can help you to push the boundaries of positive effects in various rooms of your house or office.


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