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Vastu Tips Dated:  Jan. 2, 2014
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Sleeping, the art of absolute relaxation of body and mind. The time when "the consciousness of the world is suspended" and sets you into a  course of an unimaginable journey into the boulevard of calmness and unflappability. This process originates from a bedroom. The bedroom is the abode of total comfort and privacy.

Vastu for your bedroom ensures sound sleep which is very important to lead a stress free living. Vastu takes into account a couple of factors while constructing and designing bedrooms.

Salient features:

  1. Color schemes.
  2. Proper positioning of the bed.
  3. Furniture and electronic gadgets.

Following are some Vastu remedies for your bedroom:-

  • The main bedroom should be constructed in the south direction, to ascertain peace and harmony.
  • Avoid placing idols of God in the bedroom.
  • Square and rectangle shape bedrooms are considered perfect for attaining peace and harmony.
  • Vastu urges to sleep with your head position to the south. This will welcome positive energy that comes from the north. 
  • Electrical gadgets should be kept in south-east direction of the room. Avoid keeping a Music system and TV in bedroom, which might cause you trouble while sleeping.
  • Vastu suggests light color for the walls, light shades of blue rose, pink, yellow and green can be used . Avoid black, very bright colors and red color.
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Some important tips to remember.

  1. Placing a mirror opposite to the foot of your bed may kill your sleep.
  2. Avoid having an aquarium or plants in the bedroom. 
  3. Use light color for bedroom.   
  4. Install soft and dim light bulbs in your bedroom. 
  5. The extreme south-west corner must not have windows or doors as because south-west direction is considered to be the most powerful quarter-circle which stores positive energy and installing windows and doors in this direction will release all the stored energy in the house. 

Jump Bedroom Photos submitted by architects and interior designers.

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